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Keyword research in simple steps


Keyword research in simple steps

Effective ways to find profitable keywords for your website content to rank well on search results – Reliable method to find the best keywords and dominate your niche market online.


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Starting a new website or blog from scratch requires good planning and thorough research to develop a top ranking website. A lot of aspects are considered when planning a new website or blog whether is small or big. Getting the right keywords for your new website can be a big problem at times if you do not know where to start. Whether you get the right keywords or not for your blog, that will determine the success or failure of your blog. But today I will be explaining the best way you can find good keywords free in easy steps for the success of your website.

It becomes difficult to differentiate what is right and what is not when is the first time you get into the website designing project. Everyone has his or her first time doing something in this world, so there no shame in asking advice from someone if you do not know. As a person you can’t know everything of this world but to refer and seek help from others who knows. Any task to be achieved especially when it comes to technology, there is always a tool which help us achieve the objective of the project. So for your website keywords digging requirement, I will be explaining to you how you can easily use Bing Keyword Research or Google Trends at your advantage to get the right keywords for your new blog.


I was like you before without any idea how I was going to get proper keywords for my website when I started it in year 2017. After long hours of research and testing various keyword tools, I finally found Bing and Google Trends tools helpful and never looked back. The important thing about this tools is the ability to show you relevant queries most users are entering in the search bar. The first thing you will need is to access Bing Webmaster Tools and Google Trends online.  You will need a Microsoft Account for Bing and a Google Account to access Google Trends.


Now that you have access to the tools, is time to put that topic you want your website to be about in the query. Starting with the Google Trends tool, after opening the tool then add a “Search Term” and select the type of result (Shopping, Web Search or News Search etc). Now press Enter and see details under the “Search Queries” Tab, you will now see a list of keywords that are used by real users. The list shows the highly used keyword first going down to the less used term. You need to be careful when choosing the right keyword, because a highly used keyword means high competition for that term. You need to scroll down the list to come up with a variation of the most used keyword and the least used. Always make that your keyword doesn’t exceed more than eight words after combining the variations.


Let’s look at Bing Keyword Research, Open the tool and Enter a “Keyword phrase” you want to get possible keywords. Below the Keyword fields you can narrow your search according to country, device or language to get specific and targeted results. Click “Get Details” to see a list of possible Keywords, note that you can also filter how long back you want to see keyword suggestions starting from three months back or more. The option to select that is on the right of the keyword tool dashboard under “Get Details”. The tool will now show you global breakdown of the search trends according to countries on your right. That gives you a clear picture of which country mostly use the keyword you looking for so that you can target it.


Go through the list and check which keywords are doing well for that search query so that you can come up with the right one. In addition to that the tool also shows you at the bottom the top ten websites which ranks for that keyword. So it gives you a clear idea of what your best keyword should look like in order to rank high.


Now that you have your keywords, you can start preparing to build your website. I hope this guide was helpful for you to come up with the best keywords for your website or blog.


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