08 September 2020

How to bypass google verification on Hisense U962


Proven method to bypass google verification on Hisense U962 smartphone when you forgot previous account details – Fast reliable way to bypass frp on Hisense U962 after hard reset.


How to bypass google account on Hisense U962
Hisense U962

Hisense is also taking park in the smartphone world with affordable entry level smartphones. Smartphone security is important especially on Android phones as they are popular and in large numbers.

A google account is very important on Android smartphones as it also controls the security features of the phone. By now you have realized that you cannot use your phone if you forgot google account details after hard resetting your phone.


Frp (Factory Restore Protection) is crucial to keep personal information secure on the device. This feature stops any unauthorized user to access data stored on the device or even use apps on the phone. But you can receive calls on a locked phone but you cannot make them.


So I am going to show you how you can quickly bypass google account on your smartphone if you forgot account sign-in information.


<< See Tutorial Below >>


Charge you phone up to 50% and create a Wi-Fi hotspot or public Wi-Fi to connect smartphone.


First switch “ON” your phone >> press Start >> continue setup >> Connect to Wi-Fi >> don’t proceed >> now press “Add Networkbelow connected Wi-Fi >> Type any word in the “Network Name” field >> Press and hold typed text to “Highlight” it >> press “Assist” from pop-up menu >> Google will now open >> don’t sign-in >> Type “Chrome” in the search Bar >> Chrome will pop-up below the search query >> Press it >>


Chrome will open >> don’t sign-in >> go to “www.tzaneen-pc-tech.xyz/p/downloads.html” >> Download “Remote 1 apk” >> Install it >> don’t open it >> downloadAnddoes Launcher” >> Install & Open it immediately >> go to “Settings” from menu >> Apps >> System Apps >> Now DisableGoogle Services Framework”, Google Account Manager” & “Google Play Services” >>


Go back to “Settings” >> Accounts >> Add Account >> press the “Google Icon” with a “Blue Icon” >> Wait a moment >> the “Sign-in” screen will appear >> Now enter validGmail Account” details >> Sign-in >> Don’t mind the “Remote 1 Error” >> go back to Settings after the “Error” >> go to “Apps” >> System Apps & “Enablegoogle Apps you disabled >> After “Enabling” the Apps >> Restart the Hisense U962 >>


Continue with initial phone setup while connected to Wi-Fi >> Wait for complete verification of account >> When verification is complete, it will display “Account Added” >> Proceed to complete phone setup >> Then you are Done!


Congratulations, you successfully bypassed google verification on Hisense U962 phone!!


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