Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Huawei Y560-L01 Google Account Bypass

The best method to bypass google account on Huawei Y560-L01 when you forgot previous account which was signed-in – Huawei Y560-L01 google account bypass in simple steps after hard reset.

Huawei Y560-L01 Google Account Bypass

Loosing access on your smartphone is painful when you forgot google account details after hard resetting your phone. The Huawei Y560-L01 is a powerful and affordable smartphone running Android 5.1.1 with proper security features to keep your data safe.

All smartphones running Android 5.0 and above use FRP (Factory Restore Protection) to user data secured at all times. So the problem occurs when you forgot gmail account which was signed-in as you will not be able to do much with the phone.

Today I will be showing you instructions on how you can regain access to your locked smartphone.

First you will need a MicroSD Card, Wi-Fi, QuickShortcutMaker apk (Download it here >> https://www.tzaneen-pc-tech.xyz >> Downloads >> Scroll Down and look for “QuickShortcutMaker apk”) and a working Huawei Y560-L01 phone.

Now put the QuickShortcutMaker apk in the MicroSD Card and put it in the phone. Remove your SIM Card from the phone first before you start.

Switch “ON” the phone >> Connect to your Wi-Fi >> Go back to Start page and Press “Emergency Call” button >> Dial112” and Send >> While the call is going through then press the “Contact” icon >> Press and hold the “right button” on the phone >> A running task will show then “press & Hold it” >> Select “App info” on the Pop-Up List menu >> Now press the “Back Buttononce on the phone >> Press the “Centre Bottom” option on the screen >> Select “Protected Apps” >> Draw your “Pattern” and Confirm it >> Scroll down the apps & look for “Files” app on the list >> 

Select the “Checkbox” on the right >> Now press the “Arrow Linkpointing up next to the Checkbox on the “Right” >> Agree to terms & Continue >> Select “Local” & find the “QuickShortcutMaker apk” downloaded in the SD Card >> Press it to install >> Press “Unblock” on pop-up options >> Open after installation >> Now on the “input Keywordfields then “Search” for “Google Account Manager” >> Now Select Google Account Manager with the “Type Email & Passwordbelow it >> 

Then PressTry” >> A Sign-in Form will appear >> Do not type anything on it >> Now press the Right Button on the phone >> Select “Browser Sign-in” from pop-up menu >> Press “OK” then enter valid Gmail Account Details >> After Sign-in then “Restart Phone” >> Begin setup process while connected to Wi-Fi >> Proceed with Setup >> Your phone will start verification process when you proceed >> It will now say “Account Added” >> Complete Setup >> Then you are Done!!

Congratulations, you successfully unlocked your Huawei Y560-L01 smartphone in simple steps.

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Disclaimer: This method may not work on some devices other than the one listed above.


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