Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Vodafone Smart First 7 Google Account Bypass

Best method to bypass google account on Vodafone Smart First 7 when you forgot google account details – Reliable method to bypass google account on Vodafone VFD 200 Smart First 7 after a hard reset procedure.

Vodafone VFD 200 Smart First 7 Google Account Bypass

Vodafone is one of reliable smartphones in the world and affordable, Google account information can be easily forgotten and when it happens then is difficult to use your phone without verifying your identity first. It usually happens after you hard reset smartphone. Phones running android version 5+ use FRP (Factory Restore Protection) which secures personal data in case your phone get lost or stolen. The only way to use the phone will be to verify your identity first with valid google account details.

Today I will be showing you how you can regain access to your phone when you forgot gmail account details.

Make sure your phone is fully charged, Power it “ON” and select the “Wifi” connection available >> Now press in the “Password field” so that the keyboard can pop-up >> Then Press and Hold comma "," >> Choose “Android keyboard Settings” option >> Now choose “Text correction” then “Personal dictionary” >> Select “English (United Kingdom or United States)”>> Now press the “Search icon” on top of the screen then type "Google voice typing" in the search field >> Select it from pop-up Screen >>

Now select "Text-To-Speech Output" >> Select “Google Text to Speech” option >> Press the "Settings Gear" on the right of that option >> Choose "Install Voice Data" >> Now press the “3 Dotstop right of the screen and choose "Open Source License">> Press and hold any word to "highlight" it >> Press "Search Icon" top right of screen >> Now type “Chrome” in the Search box >> Select “Chrome Browser” on pop-up Screen 

>> Setup Chrome & don’t Sign-In >> Now type ( in the Search bar >> Look for “Google Account Sign-In or frp Bypass apk” >> Download, Install it & Open immediately >> Now Press the 3 Dots top Right of Screen on the Sign-In page >> Select “Browser Sign-In” after pressing the 3 Dots >> Enter Valid Gmail Account Details >> Sign-In & Restart Phone >> Continue Phone setup while connected to Wi-Fi >> Now it will say “Account Added” >> Complete phone setup & you are Done!

Congratulations, you successfully bypassed google verification on your Vodafone Smart First 7 smartphone.

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