30 January 2019

Huawei Y7 (TRT-LX2) FRP Bypass

Proven method to bypass google verification on Huawei Y7 after a hard reset and forgot gmail account details – The best way to bypass google verification on Huawei Y7 (TRT-LX2).

How To Bypass Google Verification on Huawei Y7 (TRT-LX2)
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Simple and reliable way to bypass frp on Huawei Y7 when you forgot google account credentials to sign-in. Huawei Y7 is a powerful and affordable smartphone in the market and when you forgot gmail details is close to impossible to regain access.

So today I want to show you simple steps which you can follow and unlock your Huawei Y7 smartphone fast.

First make sure that you have a working Wifi Hotspot with enough data bundles and a fully charged battery.

25 January 2019

How To Protect Your PC From Hackers

Simple ways to protect your PC from hackers and prevent data and financial loss - Ways to protect your PC from hackers and secure your information without stress.

Hackers are always trying to find new ways to infiltrate your PC at all costs and protecting your information becomes critical. All sorts of important information can be acquired easily by hackers and used in a bad way and is why you need top grade security on your PC especially if you are dealing with personal information.
How To Protect Your PC From Hackers
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Small, medium and individuals are the most targets as they usually don't take computer security as a priority and that put them and their business in danger. The smallest information a hacker can get on your PC can be catastrophic in an unimaginable way. It doesn't matter if is an email address, phone number or a small file which contains personal data as it gives the hacker one step closer from launching his attack.

The are several ways a hacker can gain access to your PC without you knowing and that is real and too easy to achieve for someone who knows what he or she is doing.

So today I want to share light on the simple things to do to protect your PC from hackers.

First make sure that your PC is always running updated Antivirus and Anti-Malware software at all times. Note that a free Antivirus might not secure your computer successfully the way it should be because of limitation on free software licenses. Second thing is installation of cracked software as most users prefer them in order to avoid buying software licenses and subscriptions. Is dangerous especially if you don't know how hackers work.

Here is how they do it, they can take any known and reputable software and bind it with a server which send back your computer info to a remote computer somewhere remotely. They only need two tools to this, namely....a software binder and monitoring app. The binder will be used to bind two apps together and there other app will be hidden within and installed with administrator privileges author when you install the software.

Then immediately when you connect to the internet, the monitoring software with notify the hacker that one victim has been acquired then the hacker have total control of your PC without your knowledge. You won't see a thing and he can copy, modify, delete files, see your face and even crash your computer if he likes.

So this is how dangerous it could be, the other method the hacker will send you an email pretending to be from a company that you trust like your bank. Then when you click here you will arrive to a website exactly similar from your bank or any other company that you know Bor use then if you make a mistake and sign-in with your credentials you are done. The hacker is now having your banking details and access codes and you will lose all or some of your money.

So don't click links from emails you don't know. Also take time and fine tune your Anti-Malware or antivirus software with advanced settings panel to reinforce your computer security. Seek help if you don't understand advanced settings available in your security software because some are complicated and sometimes causes undesirable outcomes if you don't know what they do.

Secure your PC now and never never a victim of hackers.

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18 January 2019

How To Protect Android Phone From Virus

Easy ways to protect android phone from virus which lies within many files which we use – Protect your android phone from virus when sharing and downloading files from the internet.

Android smartphones are vulnerable to viruses the same way your PC does and protecting yourself from such viruses prevent devastating things like being spied. There is a lot of places where your smartphone can get dangerous viruses but we are always unaware the places we get all sorts of problems.

Android apps are the most common when it comes to distributing viruses quickly, even apps in the google play store itself some of them contain undetected viruses which spread with every download. There is no the so called clean app store as hackers are taking the upper hand developing and merging dangerous apps with trusted know apps.

Users tend to download and install cracked apps on their devices and that is very dangerous because those who cracked the app put certain viruses within those apps to steal from you. Mostly users will choose cracked apps to avoid paying subscriptions and licenses and that put them in great danger.

In my experience whenever you try to download apps in an untrusted app store, there is always a virus which goes with the download file you request. Mostly when you press download on the app you want, the first pop-up window may be a virus especially if you do not know the actual size of the file you want.

Then only the second click on the download link should be real file you want to download, this is very big problem especially if do not have an AD Blocker on your android smartphone.

Ways to limit and block viruses on your android smartphone>>

First install an antivirus and lockdown apps on your smartphone and keep your antivirus database updated at all times. Configure your antivirus to run scheduled scans of your device, use the lockdown app to secure your phone by enable “install Protection” so that it requires security code for app installation and use its app lock to lock play store. 

Do not download cracked apps if you do not really need them and avoid app stores which require you to disable Ad blocker before downloading apps. Check every download size to see if it corresponds with the required download file size. Also do not download apps which looks larger than the normal size of the app you are looking because the additional size can be spyware bound to that original app. Is very easy to bind two applications if you know how to so be careful of such apps. Avoid apps which shows intrusive ads within them when opened as they consume your data bundles.

What does a virus or spyware do?

A virus will always try to corrupt your android device and destroy important data on your smartphone while spyware will hijack your device and send your personal data somewhere to someone who will then use it unlawfully.

I hope this article will help you protect your android device better. Subscribe to receive updates automatically.

How To Bypass Google Verification on Vodafone VFD 210

How To Bypass Google Verification on Vodafone VFD 210

Simple way to bypass Google Verification on Vodafone vfd 210 - Proven method to bypass frp lock on Vodafone vfd 210 after hard reset.


Vodafone vfd 210 is one of android smartphone which are affordable currently and losing your Google account details can make it impossible for you to use your phone after a hard reset.


Sometimes we reset our devices unaware that we already forgot our Google account information and that becomes a big problem after you hard reset your smartphone. It can sometimes be troublesome to re-access your device but is not impossible.


Usually I'll tell my clients that the only reason you hard reset a device is because you did not have access it and is why you reset it using the hard reset procedure. We highly not encourage people to steal other people's phones hoping to use methods outlined to unlawfully access devices which don't belong to them!!


So today I'll be showing you how you can easily bypass Google Verification screen and re-access your Vodafone VFD 210.


First make sure that your battery is fully charged and have a reliable Wi-Fi hotspot with enough data bundles, at least 100mb will do.


Follow Tutorial to unlock below >>


Press & hold "Comma" then move finger up to press "settings gear" then "Android keyboard settings> text correction> personal dictionary> united states> press then plus sign (+) top right corner > type "Google" > press "search icon" then type "Google Voice typing" > press it & select "text-to-speech output" >press settings gear next to "Google Text-to-speech engine" on the right then select "install voice data" then press the "3dots" top right corner> press "open-source licenses> press & hold the word "Computer" & press "search icon" top of screen> type "chrome" in the search bar on top of screen & select it.


Now setup "Chrome" but don't sign-in> type: www.tzaneen-pc-tech.xyz/p/downloads.html in the search bar & proceed >> From the "downloads" page >> scroll down and look for "Google account manager 5"> Press it to download it >> open & install it immediately after download> go back to "downloads" & look for " Google account sign-in"> press icon to download it> install immediately after download & open it> sign-in form with appear & don't sign-in> press "browser sign-in" top right corner of screen >> 


Now enter valid Gmail account details> Sign-in> after sign-in "Restart Phone"> Begin initial setup> Now where it required "Gmail account" it Will now say "Account Added"> proceed & complete phone setup> After your phone opens> go to "settings"> about phone> press "built number5 times to enable "development settings">go back to settings & select "developer settings"> make sure "OEM Unlocking" is selected> go back to "Backup & Reset"> Factory data reset> Reset Phone> phone will reset> then it will restart automatically then complete the initial phone setup. Now it will not require google account details when you open the phone.


Congratulations, your Vodafone vfd 210 is now unlocked!!


14 January 2019

Computer Repair Shop

Best Computer Repair Shop Tzaneen is what you need when your Computer start experiencing software problems – Keep your PC running with the best Computer repair shop Tzaneen and Save up to 50% in service fees.

Computer Repair Shop
From start-up errors, Boot failure, software problems and general computing technical problems Tzaneen-PC-Tech helps you keep your operating smoothly for less. We realize that no one can avoid Computer errors and is why we provide affordable Computer troubleshooting services in Tzaneen.

We highly dedicated our services to software problems instead of hardware failures and we do well when it comes to Computer troubleshooting other than dealing with parts. Most Computer problems occurs when a persistent error starts to show up and this happens because of viruses or any other incompatibility of software which happens while using your PC.

Your Computer may fail to start because your operating system is corrupted by viruses and if you have no recovery measures there is no way to use your PC at that time. We fix most common start-up issues and boot failures for a very low fee which is affordable. Even when you experience frequent errors on your PC, we also offer Clean Installation of Windows and Activation on your computer so that your Computer feels brand new and fast.

Viruses are the most powerful enemy when it comes to our Computers and we install advanced Anti-Virus or Malware Fighter programs which sweep dangerous viruses on your PC. We schedule scans and highly configure your Anti-Virus programs to top level security to ensure that all most viruses are removed and keep virus databases updated to the latest versions.

Get your projects running from all sorts of Software we supply that you may need for your projects, you say it then we get it for you less and you can save up to 50% on software. From Office Software, Design, DJ Software, Scheduling, Stock Management and many more depending on what Software you want.

Do not worry when you accidentally deleted your files as we Recover up to 95% of deleted or formatted files on your Computer. We deploy the most powerful tools to help you recover all the valuable information which was deleted or formatted from your PC. We also Backup your Computer data so that it can be restored later if an error or your files get damaged or your PC stops working.

Performance is important on Computers and is why we provide PC performance Boosting services to keep your computer at top speed so that you can work effortlessly and fast.

Keep your Computer running for less from the best Computer repair shop Tzaneen and experience a fast and clean PC.

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10 January 2019

How To Fix Low Storage On Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus

The best way to fix low storage on Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus to help you recover on-board storage – Simple steps to fix low storage on Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus.

How to fix low storage on Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus
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Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus is one of Samsung best android devices which you can find on the market currently for a reasonable price. Every smartphone has its own advantages and the disadvantages but when it comes to Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus low storage issue become significant.

Most users have encountered this problem where phone storage get very low without loading any information on the device. So I put it to the test and realized that most of its storage is used by app data, OS itself and cached data on the smartphone. The problem usually when apps update, downloading information or when you install new large apps which expand during installation.

The problem is that you cannot control that or clear some of the cached files which consume large storage just because you will not see where the junk files are located. Even when using junk cleaning app you will not be able to remove the cached files because they are hidden.

So today I will be showing you how you can easily solve this problem on your Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus because this affect most users of this device.

Since you cannot clean the cached files completely other than clearing each app data as by doing that you will be removing every information on those apps. Clearing data will be temporary and if you use that app again, the data you cleared will have to be loaded then is back to square one.

Now what you can do is to move your apps to the SD Card using a tool called “ZDbox” (Download ZDbox Here) or any other app to SD Card app you can find on Play store. Make sure you inserted at least 8Gig SD Card on your smartphone. Install the ZDbox app and chooseApp to SD” then selectBatch Move” and select the apps you want to move to the SD Card. Use the “Manage Spaceoption on your Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus to select the storage which will be used by the app you moving, in some case you can just use the “Manage Spaceoption for the app you want to move to the SD Card.

After that you will notice that you recovered your on-board storage, you can move as many apps as you wish.

Congratulations, you successfully recovered some of your storage on your Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus!

07 January 2019

Samsung Z4 Hard Reset

Samsung Z4 hard reset in simple steps to follow when you forgot pattern or password to unlock your smartphone – Samsung Z4 hard reset simplified in easy steps.

Samsung Z4 Hard Reset
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When you forgot your password to unlock your Samsung Z4 you do not need to panic because there are ways to reset your smartphone and set another password. Hard reset is a procedure which helps you to reset your device in the event where you lost credentials to access any android smartphone.

Today I will be showing you how you can easily reset your Samsung Z4 and be able to use your phone again.

Sometimes is not because you lost your password but maybe one of your family members gave you their phone which they no longer use. Remember that the procedure I will be showing you today will delete everything on your Z4 smartphone but only information on the memory card will remain.

First make sure that your Samsung Z4 is fully charged and that all buttons are working just fine.

Now press “PowerplusVolume UpplusMenusimultaneously and wait for seconds, now a set of options will appear the choosePhone Initialisation” and pressYes”. The reset process will now start and wait until the process complete.

Your phone will automatically start the initial setup process the same way it happens with a newly bought smartphone. Complete the setup process by entering required information the way you normally do setting up a new phone, complete the setup process then you are done resetting you Samsung Z4 smartphone.

Congratulations, you successfully reset your Samsung Z4 smartphone in easy steps, you can now enjoy using your smartphone and stay connected with friends.

I hope the article will help you regain access to your locked smartphone, you can also use this procedure on Samsung Z series devices when you forgot password or pattern.