Sunday, October 27, 2019

Mellerware Corded Kettle 1.7L Review

Mellerware corded kettle review looking at core parts and their defects to help users make the right choice before shopping – Mellerware corded kettle review to help brand owners correct defects on core parts.

Mellerware Corded Kettle 1.7L Review

Shopping for home equipment that we use every day can be challenging if you have to return the same product the store due to defects. Buying a defective equipment does not mean you are not wise but it can be a headache since you cannot see the defects until they occur.

So today we are looking at the Mellerware Corded Kettle with less than six month operating and three years Warranty. This kettle is an exchange of another kettle which just stopped working and was exchanged for the Mellerware. There is no much parts when it comes to any electric kettle and only the power supply and some connectors are necessary.

In the second month after exchange the Mellerware kettle stopped working because the cord burned and was cut off power supply. I managed to fix the cable and the kettle continued working. Now the coil cracked and cannot boil the water because water can enter inside the coil. It boils the water but very slowly to take more than 45 minutes to boil water. I do not why the coil cracked and it was operating for less than four months now. The kettle was bought with R110 at Clicks but a kettle you buy in most shops for R49 can take more than a year before it breaks.

The material used to design the coin is the most important thing but on the Mellerware Corded Kettle is not the best material because it cracks under high heat temperatures. When it comes to burned power supply cable the problem is where the cable enters the back side of the kettle, it is too tightened to an extent of pressing the cable too hard to cut it off. This review is not necessarily to make Mellerware Kettle look bad but this will also help manufacturer to correct those problems so that they do not lose customers due to this defects.

As for consumers, the review will help them make the right choice the next time they want to buy an electric kettle. I will not return the kettle but will buy a different brand from another store instead, even though they say it has a two Years warranty then going back again for the same problems does not sit well with me. Maybe they might think I damage them for me to get them exchanged even though is not the case.

I hope this review will help users to make the right choice of an electric kettle on their next kitchen equipment.

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