15 October 2019

How To Bypass Google Account On Mobicel R1 Series

How To Bypass Google Account On Mobicel R1 Series

The best way to bypass google account on Mobicel R1, R2 series when you forgot google account after hard reset – Mobicel R1 google account bypass in easy steps.

Mobicel smartphones are popular and affordable for most users but when you forgot google account sign-in details then is close to impossible to access your phone. Mobicel R1 is one of them and when you are locked out because you can’t remember Gmail details then it seems useless to have it.


Today I will explain the steps you can follow to try and regain access to your Mobicel R1 when you forgot Sign-in details.


First make sure that your phone is fully charged or at least at 80% of battery power. Have a good Wi-Fi Connection with at least 200MB of Data bundles.


Now Power it “ON” >> Press “Get Started Button” to proceed >> Skip “SIM Detection” >> Press “Setup Now” >> Connect to “Wi-Fi” >> Now Press “Back Button” to the “Get Started Screen” >> Press Emergency >> Press “Emergency 3 Times” >> Press the “Contact Search Icon” top Right of screen >> Type any Word in the “Search Field” >> Press and Hold the Word to Highlight it >> Choose “Select All” >> Now Press “Search” on the small Pop-Up option >> Type “Chrome” in the Search Bar >> Select “Chrome” from the small Pop-Up list below search bar >>


Setup Chrome and “Don’t Sign-in” >> Chrome is now open >> Type: www.tzaneen-pc-tech.xyz/p/downloads.html >> Now Download “Anddoes Launcher” >> Install it after Download and Open it >> Now Download “Remote 1” on that page >>Now Install it after Download >> Press “Done” >> Go Back to Phone Menu >> Go to Settings >> Security >> Device Administrators >> Deactivate “Find My Device” >> Now go to “Apps” >> Scroll Down and “Disable Google Play Services” >> Press 3Dots Top Right of screen and select “Show System” >> Scroll Down and “Disable Google Account Manager” >> Go back to “Settings” and Select “Location” >> Select “Google Location Services” >> Select “Not Now” on the “Pop-Up” Option >> Press “Add an Account” >> Enter Valid Gmail Account Details & Sign-In >> Agree to Proceed >> Don’t mind the “Remote 1 has Stopped Warning” >> Press “Not Now” on Pop-Up Screen >>



Go back to settings >> Security >> Device Administrators >> Activate “Android Device Manager” >> Go back to settings again & Select “Apps” >> Scroll Down to “Google Play Services” & “Enable It” >> Press the “3 Dots” top right corner & select “Show System >> Scroll Down to “Google Account Manager” & “Enable It” >> Now Reboot Phone >> Proceed by pressing “Get Started” >> Keep connected to Wi-Fi  >> Skip SIM Card >> Press “Keep Your Apps & Data” >> Select “Your Google Account” & wait >> It will now say “Account Added” >> Press Next >> Complete Initial Phone Setup >> DONE!


Congratulations, you successfully bypassed google account on your Mobicel R1 Smartphone.



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