Friday, September 27, 2019

How To Bypass Google Account On Stylo S55 Nova

The best method to bypass google account on Stylo S55 Nova when you forgot Gmail account – Simple reliable way to bypass google account on Style S55 Nova after hard reset procedure.

How To Bypass Google Account On Stylo S55 Nova

To be locked out your own smartphone is painful and you may lose your personal data in it. When you forgot gmail account on your Stylo S55 Nova it becomes difficult to regain access without the right account information. So today I will be showing you how you can easily bypass google account on your Stylo S55 Nova.

First make sure that your phone is fully charged and that you have a good working Wi-Fi hotspot with enough data bundles.

Now Power “ON” your Stylo to proceed >> Make sure you have some contacts saved on the Phone or Copy them to Sim Card & insert it >> Now on the Start Screen Press “Emergency” Option >> Now Tap “Emergency Option” until it turns “Red” and Opens >> Press the “PencilTop Right Corner >> Select “Add Contact” option >> Then Press the “Search Icontop right corner >> Contacts will now appear momentarily >> Select any Contact >> Now “Select It” under Emergency Contacts option >>  Select the “Messaging iconto the right of contact number >> Now press the “+” Sign on the left to proceed >> Now scroll down on the left & press the “Location Icon” >>

>>Now “Allow Sms” permission from pop-up screen >> Now Tap the “Location” on the right next to location icon >> Now Press “Updating Your Location Arrow” on the right >> Now Press the “Location Address Link” Displayed in the body of SMS >> Accept Chrome Terms & Continue >> Now Press the “List Option” top left corner >> Now scroll down & press “My Maps” >> Accept Chrome Terms & Continue >> Press “NO Thanks” & Don’t Sign-In >>> Now Don’t enter any account details >> Press “3 Dots” top right corner & Press “Open in Chrome” >> Press the “Search Bar” & type “frp file” then search >>

>>Now select the first link with FRPFILE.COM at the end >> Now press “Google Account Manager Android 8.apk to download it >> Then again Download “BypassFRP 1.0.apk >> Now press the “3 Dots” top right corner >> Scroll down & select “Downloads” >> You now see the Downloaded files >> Now press to install “Google Account Manager 8” >> If installation is Blocked, Press settings on the Pop-up Screen >> Now ActivateAllow from this Source” using small gear on the right >> Go back & install >> Press “Done” after installation >>

>>Again under “Downloads” then press “BypassFRP” to install it >> After installation press “OPEN” >> Now press the “3 Dots” top right corner & select “Browser Sign-in” >> Enter “Valid Gmail Account & Sign-in >> After successful Sign-in the Restart Phone >> Complete initial phone setup while connected to Wi-Fi >> Proceed setup >> Now where it Required “Gmail Account” it will now say “Account Added” >> Complete setup then you are done.

Congratulations, you successfully bypassed google account on Stylo S55 Nova.

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