Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Snaptube Apk Download Latest Version

SnapTube is the best app for Android to download videos, movies and music according to your preference - SnapTube let's you select the size of video or audio file you want to download and can download multiple files simultaneously with high speed.

Audio and Video file download is more popular nowadays and those who love entertainment need flexibility when watching or listening to their media files. SnapTube is one of the best media Download tool you can use on your Android smartphone to search & download videos or audio tracks.

Unlike other media download tools, SnapTube is is small in size and fast with download speeds and allow you to select the size of video or audio file you want to download so that you can save on data bundles. Choose from 144px, 240px, 360px, 480px, 720px to 1080px HD video quality you prefer and also choose the bits per seconds for audio files from 70k, 128k, m4A 128k & 160k audio sizes.

Any media file uploaded to popular YouTube platform will be available to SnapTube automatically so that you can easily search your media with its title and select the right file from the list of files uploaded by different individuals or organisations.


Snaptube Apk Download Latest Version Cracked

Easily increase or decrease download speeds by configuring your SnapTube to download each file at time for higher download speeds or select to download multiple files simultaneously with normal but good speed as opposed to other media Download tools. SnapTube is also capable of playing with pop-up screen "Picture in Picture Mode" to enable smooth preview video you are busy watching via SnapTube.

It can also identify links copied to clipboard for fast downloading immediately via SnapTube & waste no time in pasting download links. SnapTube also support night mode so that you can download music nor videos in the night without straining your eyes.

Choose to download videos via Wi-Fi only to conserve data bundles or allow both mobile or Wi-Fi connections to download your media.

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