Thursday, July 11, 2019

How To Hard Reset Samsung Z Series Smartphones

Fast method to hard reset Samsung Z1, Z2, Z3 and Z4 series smartphones when you forgot password or pattern to unlock – Reliable easy way to hard reset Samsung Z series phones in simple steps when you lost password to access your phone.

How To Hard Reset Samsung Z Series Smartphones
Samsung Z series are some of Samsung’s popular smartphones operating Tizen operating system. Is a good phone even though its OS is bit tricky and unpopular and when you forgot password or pattern to unlock your phone then you are locked out.

Security is important on smartphones to ensure that personal data is secured at all times and is a good idea to have a locked device at all times. Sometimes password get forgotten and or misplaced then you are locked out of your precious gadget. There is always a way to regain access to your favorite smartphone whenever you lose access to it.

So today I will be showing you how you can easily regain access to your phone without headaches.

First make sure that your Z phone is fully charged or with at least 80% of battery because you do not want interrupt the process because your battery is low.
Now press >> Power + Volume Up + Menu simultaneously and release the buttons when phone logo appears >> wait for seconds >> now press “Phone Initialisation” >> Then press “Yes” >> The reset process start and wait until the process complete >> Continue with initial phone setup >> Then you are DONE! Now your phone will not require any password to open but you can setup a new access code if you want.
Now you have successfully hard reset your Samsung Z1, Z2, Z3 or Z4 smartphone in the event you forgot your password or pattern.

Congratulations you can now use your Samsung Z series smartphones in peace. Feel free to follow us by email and receive new updates and phone tricks you can use on your smartphone.


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