How To Hard Reset Vodafone VFD 1100

Fast method to hard reset Vodafone vfd 1100 when you forgot unlock password or pattern – Simple reliable way to hard reset Vodafone vfd 1100 when locked out of your smartphone.

Vodafone VFD 1100 Hard Reset
Vodafone vfd 1100 is one of Vodafone’s entry level 7’’ inch Tab which is affordable amongst smartphone users. Forgetting passwords is a normal thing in life and when forgot password to unlock your vfd 1100 Tab it becomes useless.
There is always a way in which you can regain access to your Vodafone Tab with some little knowledge about tech stuff so that you can quickly regain control of your tablet. If you just set the password only without gmail account set on the device, it does not take much time as opposed to when google account is set on the device.

It is difficult only if you forgot google account that you signed in on the device but if it not set just forget about now. So today I will be showing you how you can easily hard reset your Vodafone vfd 1100 and regain access to your smartphone without headaches.

First make sure that your Vodafone Tab is fully charged or with at least 50% battery, ensure that all buttons are working.

Now press and HoldVolume Up + Powersimultaneously until a black recovery screen appears with options and release buttons >> Now Select “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” using volume buttons to scroll up and down and Power button to Select >> Now selectDelete All User Data” >> Wait until Wipe Complete >> Now select “Reboot Now” >> Wait until initial setup complete >> Setup your Vodafone like first time you bought it >> Complete initial setup >> Then you are DONE!

NB: Sometimes options may freeze in the Dark “Recovery Screen” after Wiping complete, So do not worry and solve the problem by PressingPower + Volume Upuntil tablet shutdown >> Power it back “ON” and complete process.

Congratulations, you successfully hard reset your Vodafone vfd 1100.


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