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How To Bypass Google Account On Samsung J7

Tested method to bypass google account on Samsung J7 when you forgot previously signed-in account after hard reset procedure – Reliable method to bypass google account on Samsung J7 smart phone.

How To Bypass Google Account On Samsung J7
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Samsung J7 is one of Samsung’s best smart phone you can find in the market and when you forgot google account to sign-in then you have problems. Smart phones running android 5.0 and above use FRP (Factory Restore Protection) feature to protect personal data in case your phone get lost or be stolen.

In some events user forget their google account details and if there were no account recovery methods set then everything can be lost completely. Today we focus on how to bypass google account on Samsung J7 when you forgot google account details.

Now make sure you have a good working Wi-Fi and that your battery is fully charged.

Now follow easy steps below to bypass google account on Samsung J7.

Power "ON" your Galaxy J7 >> Then Connect to Wi-Fi >> Press "Next" to continue >> Agree to Terms >> Press "Next" >> Type ".com" or press it from "Keyboard" in the “Email Field” of verification window >> Press & Hold "Settings Gear" from keyboard & move your finger to press "Settings Gear" on the small pop-up menu >> Then press "Text Shortcuts" >> press "ADD" from top right of screen >> Type any “word” in the "Shortcut Field" >> Press and Hold it >> Press "Assist" from small pop-up menu >> Type "Chrome" and Select it on the "Small Pop-up" list >> Accept "Chrome's Terms" and continue >> Do not Sign-In >> Type "" in the “Search Bar” >> Scroll to "Google Account Manager 6" >> Press to Download & install immediately after downloading >> If the installation is blocked, Press "Settings" on pop-up screen >> Enable "Unknown Sources" and go back >> Go back to "Downloads" & look for "Google Account Sign-In" >> Press it to Download, Install and Open it immediately after download >> Press the "3 Dots" located top right of screen >> Press "Browser Sign-In" >> Enter "Valid Google Account" and Sign-In >> Press back until "Start Screen" >> Press "Start" to continue >> Proceed while connected to Wi-Fi >> I will now say "Account Added" on the "Verification Screen" >> Complete initial phone setup >> Your phone will Open then you are DONE.

If you want to remove previously signed-in google account completely, follow the steps below;

Go to Settings >> About Phone >> Press "Built Number" 5 Times to Enable "Development Settings" >> Go back to settings and select "Developer Options" >> Now Make sure "EOM Unlocking" is Activated >> Go back to Settings >> Select "Backup & Reset" >> Reset Phone >> Erase Everything >> Your phone will restart >> Complete initial phone setup then you are DONE.

Congratulations, You bypassed google account on Samsung J7.

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