Tuesday, April 23, 2019

How To Bypass Google Account On LG-K100e

Reliable method to bypass google account on LG-K100e after hard reset procedure – Simple way to bypass google account on LG-K100e when you forgot previous signed-in account.

How To Bypass Google Account On LG-K100e
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LG-K100e is a powerful smartphone which is affordable and when you locked out because you forgot google account, is nearly impossible to regain access. All smartphone running android 5.0+ use frp to protect personal data in the event a smartphone get lost or stolen.

It happens where users forget or misplace google account details and when it happens there is no other solution than to bypass the verification. So today I will be showing you how you can easily bypass google account on LG-K100e.

Now charge your LG-k100e with up to 80% of battery, Have a good Wi-Fi hotspot ready.

Now Power "ON" and proceed >> Connect Wi-Fi >> Setup until the "Email" verification window >> Type anything in the "Email field" >> Press and highlight the typed word >> A small pop-up window will show then choose "Assistant" >> a browser will automatically open then type "Settings" >> Press the settings option to access your phone settings menu >> Go to settings >> Security >> Then "Device administrator" >> Deactivate android device manager >> Still under security >> Deactivate all other remaining security features >> Now go to "Apps" top right corner >> Select "Show System Apps" >> Browse the apps and find "Setup wizard" >> Select “Setup Wizard” >> Disable and Force Stop it >> Clear it's "Data" >> Proceed to the second "Setup Wizard" >> Disable, Force Stop and Clear it's Data >> Go to "Google Play Store App >> Google Play Services > Google Service Framework" >> Now "Disable, Force Stop & Clear Data" simultaneously on each of them >> Go to "Google Account Manager App" then "Disable, Force Stop & Clear it's Data >> immediately press "Back Button" until the first setup window >> Disconnect the Wi-Fi >> Press "Next Button" to proceed with the initial setup >> Complete initial phone setup >> Your phone will now open >> go to "Settings" >> choose " Backup & Reset" >> select "Factory Reset" >> erase all phone data >> Your LG-K100E will restart automatically then complete the setup >> now the "Email Verification" window will no longer show >> Complete phone setup and you are done.

Congratulations!! You successfully bypassed Google Account on LG-K100e.

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