How To Bypass Google Account On Hisense T5 Pro

How to bypass google account on Hisense T5 Pro

Best working method to bypass google account on Hisense T5 Pro after a hard reset – Reliable way to bypass frp lock on Hisense T5 Pro when you forgot Gmail account details.


Hisense T5 Pro google account verification in easy steps to follow to help you regain access to your smartphone. Easily regain access to your Hisense T5 Pro smartphone.


Today I will be showing how to bypass google verification on Hisense T5 Pro, Follow Below steps closely.


Follow the simple Tutorial below to unlock Hisense T5 Pro >>


First Power "ON" your device and make sure is fully charged or at least with 80% battery >> Press "Emergency" button >> Press it again "Twice" >> Press "Pencil" top right corner >> Contacts >> Add Contact >> Select contact if contacts are available on Sim Card >> If not available "Add Contact" & Select it >> Press "3 Dots" top right corner & select "Share" >> Press & Hold "Gmail" >> Select "App Info" >> Press "Notifications" >> Press "Settings Gear" top right corner >> Press "3 Dots" top right corner >> Select "Manage Accounts" >> Press "Continue" >>


Go to "Apps" >> Google App >> Notifications >> Activate "Feed" >> Don't Sign-In >> Press "No Thanks" >> Type "Chrome" in the search bar >> Press Chrome from pop-up list >> Setup Chrome but don't Sign-In >> Type:" in the search bar >> Download "Remote 1" apk >> Go back until "Google App" under settings >> Press "Settings Gear" & Activate "Feed" again >> Press "No Thanks& Continue >> Type "Settings" in the "Search Bar" >> Press "Settings" from pop-up list >> Go to Security >> Device Administrator >> Deactivate "Find My Phone" >> Deactivate the Device Administrator >>


Go Back & select "Apps" >> Press "3 Dots" & select "Show System" >> Select & Disable "Google Account Manager" >> Go back then Select & Disable "Google Play Services" >> Go back to settings & select "apps" >> Google App >> Press "settings Gear" & Activate "Feed" >> Press "No Thanks" to continue >> Now Search "Downloads" >> Press "Remote 1 apk" you downloaded >> Install & Press "Done" >> Go back to "Settings" & ensure that "Google Play Services" is Disabled >>


Now again under settings go to "Accounts" >> Press "ADD Account" >> Select "Google" >> Sign-In with valid Gmail details >> Now go back to settings >> Security >> Device Administrators >> Activate "Android Device Manager" >> Go back to "Apps" under settings again >> Press "3 Dots " top right >> Select "Show System" >> Enable "Google Account Manager & Google Play Services" >> Now Restart Hisense T5 Pro >> Press "Get Started" While connected to WIFI >> Wait a Moment >> Now it will say "Account Added" >>


Press "Next" >> Now Complete initial setup >> From your "Home Screen" >> Go to "Settings" >> About Phone >> Press "Built Number 5 Times" to enable "Developer Settings" >> Go back to settings & select "Development Settings" >> Make sure "EOM Unlocking" is Activated (Selected) >> Go back to "Settings" >> Select "Backup & Reset" >> Reset Phone >> Erase Everything >> Wait until process completes >> Your phone will Restart >> Complete initial Setup & you are DONE!

Congratulations, you successfully bypass google account verification on Hisense T5 Pro.



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