Friday, March 22, 2019

Hisense T5 Plus Google Account Bypass

Hisense T5 Plus google account bypass in easy steps when you forgot previously signed-in google account – Hisense T5 Plus Plus google account bypass made easy after hard reset procedure.

Hisense T5 Plus Google Account Bypass
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Hisense T5 Plus is a powerful smart phone you will love but if you hard reset it and forgot original gmail account, then it is difficult to re-access your phone again. Frp ensure that no one can gain access to your phone in case is lost but when you forgot your account details you will also be locked out too.

Now i want to show you the easy way to bypass google account on Hisense T5 Plus.

Follow the easy steps to unlock your Hisense T5 Plus;

First Download "Remote 1 apk" from PC >> Connect Phone via USB Cable >> Copy "Remote 1 apk" to phone SD Card >> Connect to Wifi >> Press "Emergency Call" >> Press "Emergency Information" 3 (Three) Times) >> Press "Pencil" top right of the screen >> Press "Continue" >> Press "Contacts" >> Add Contacts >> Select or Add Contact >> Select Contact number if already saved on SIM >> Allow to Proceed >> Press 3 (Three) Dots top right of screen >> Press "Share" >> Press "Gmail" icon >> Setup "Email Account" but not a Gmail account >> Sing-In & Open Gmail >> Press 3 (Three Dots) top right corner >> Select "Settings" >> Press 3 (Three dots) again & select "Manage Accounts" >> Scroll down to "Storage" >> Select SD Card >> Go to "Download Folder" & Locate "Remote1 apk" you copied from PC >> Press it to install >> Go back to settings after installation >> Go to "APPS" >> Press 3 Dots & select "Show System Apps" >> Scroll down & look for "Google Account Manager" >> Disable It >> Go back & look for "Google Play Services" >> Disable It >> Go back to "Settings" & Select "Accounts" >> Add Account >> Select "Google" icon >> Enter Valid Gmail Account details >> Go back to "Settings" again >> Apps >> Press 3 Dots >> Select "Show System Apps" >> Now Enable "Google Account Manager & Google Play Services" >> Now "Restart Phone" >> Proceed With initial setup >> It will no say "Account Added" where it wanted google verification >> Complete Phone setup then you are DONE! >> Now Go to "Settings" >> About Phone >> Press "Built Number" 5 Times >> Go back to settings & select "Development Settings" >> Activate "EOM Unlocking" >> Go back to "Settings" >> Select "Backup & Reset" >> Reset Phone >> Erase Everything >> Wait until the process complete >> Your phone will Restart >> Complete initial Setup & you are DONE!

Congratulations, You successfully bypassed google account on Hisense T5 Plus.

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