How To Bypass Google Verification On Mobicel Trendy

How to bypass google verification on Mobicel Trendy

Best method to bypass google verification on Mobicel Trendy when locked out of your device – Reliable easy way to bypass frp lock on Mobicel Trendy after hard reset.


Easily bypass google verification on Mobicel Trendy when you forgot google account details. Mobicel Trendy is an affordable popular android device you can find in the market currently and when you are locked out is difficult to use your smartphone.

Most android devices use a security feature called frp and when you hard reset your smartphone then you will be required to verify google account when you setup. This security ensures that no unauthorized person can use you phone without confirming his or her identity.


So today I will be showing you steps to bypass google verification on Mobicel Trendy when you forgot google account.


Follow Tutorial below to unlock your Mobicel Trendy in Simple steps >>

Power "ON" your smartphone >> Connect WI-FI and proceed with setup until Sign-In Screen >> Press and Hold "Centre Button" to open Browser >> Now Type "Chrome" and select it from the "pop-up Menu" >> Chrome will open and "Don't Sign-In" >> Now type: in the search bar of chrome >> Look for "Google Account Manager 6" >> Download and Install it immediately after download >> Go back to "Downloads" again and look for "FrpBypass apk">> 


DownloadInstall and Open it immediately After download >> Press the "3 Dots" top right of your screen and press "Browser Sign-In" >> Now enter "Valid Gmail Account Details" >> Restart your Phone after Sign-In >> Proceed with initial phone setup >> Now you will see "Account Added" when you Proceed >> Complete phone setup and you are done.


Congratulations you successfully bypassed google verification on Mobicel Trendy.


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  1. I can't see chrome app pop up when i type chrome in browser please help (Mobicel Trendy version 6.0)

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