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How To Bypass Google Verification On Mobicel Candy

Reliable way to bypass google verification on Mobicel Candy when you forgot google account toto unlo your smartphone – Mobicel Candy google verification bypass in easy steps to follow.

How To Bypass Google Verification On Mobicel Candy
Mobicel candy is a powerful and affordable android device which you can feel good using it. It becomes a problem when you hard reset your Mobicel Candy and realize that you forgot google account after the reset procedure.

Android devices running version 5 upwards use what we call FRP (Factory Restore Protection) which protect your phone from being used by unauthorized persons. If you hard reset android smartphone, then it will be required when you setup your phone to verify if is really you who tries to open it. So if you forgot google account then you will be locked out too.

Today I will be showing you simple steps to bypass google verification on Mobicel Candy so that you can regain control of your smartphone.

First make sure that your phone is fully charged and that you have a good working WIFI Hotspot.

Follow the simple steps below to unlock Mobicel Candy.

Now Power "ON" your Phone >> Proceed with initial setup >> Choose "Add Another Network" >> Type anything in the "Network Name" field >> Press and hold text to highlight it >> Select "Share" from the small popup window >> Press and Hold "Gmail" >> Scroll down and select "Notifications" >> Select "App Settings" >>  Press the " 3 Dots" top right corner of your screen >> Select "Manage Accounts" >> Press "Continue" >> Now Scroll down to "Backup & Reset" under settings >>  Factory Data Reset >> Reset Phone >> Then "Erase Everything" >> Proceed with initial phone setup >> Now it will show "Skip" before you connect "Wifi >> Complete phone setup entering relevant information >> Then you are done.

Congratulations you successfully bypassed google verification on Mobicel Candy.

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