Tuesday, February 19, 2019

How To Bypass Google Verification On ZTE

The best easy way to bypass google verification on ZTE when you can’t remember google account details – Simple tested method to bypass google verification on ZTE smartphone.

How to bypass google verification on ZTE
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ZTE is one of powerful but affordable android smartphones on the market now, forgetting google account details can make your smartphone useless as you will not proceed setting it up after a hard reset. Most android smartphones use frp (Factory Restore Protection) feature which renders a device useless after hard reset. This makes sure that only the owner of the phone can sign-in with google account which was the first time on the device.

We understand that sometime we forget or misplace these details, Today I will be showing you simple steps to bypass google verification on your ZTE smartphone.

Below are the simple steps to follow so that you unlock your ZTE phone;

Power "ON" your phone and Connect to "Wifi" >> Go back to "Welcome Screen" >> Press and hold screen with two fingers to enable "Talkback" >> Continue holding screen until a "Beep" to enable "Talkback" >> Press "Back" to "Welcome Screen" again >> Swipe a "Curve" across the screen to enable "Global Context Menu" >> Select "Text to speech" settings >> Slide "Two Fingers" from left to right of screen >> Scroll down and select "Apps" >> Scroll down and select "YouTube" >> Notifications >> Double tap "Setting Gear" top right of screen >> Press "About" >> Select "Google Privacy Policy" >> Then type "Quickshortcut maker 2.4.0" in the search bar >> Download it >> Open and install it after download >> Open it and scroll down to "Launcher3" >> Press it and click "Try" >> Your phone will now open >> Go to "Settings" >> Backup & Reset >> Reset Phone >> Erase everything >> Reset process will begin >> Your phone will restart automatically >> Complete initial setup >> Now your phone will not require google account to proceed >> Complete setup then you are Done.

Congratulations!!…… you successfully bypassed google verification on ZTE smartphone.

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