Thursday, February 14, 2019

How To Bypass FRP On Any Android Smartphone

Best way to bypass frp on any android smartphone after hard reset procedure – Simple reliable way to bypass frp lock on any android smartphone when you forgot google account details.

How To Remove Google FRP Lock On Any Smartphone
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Fast method to remove google frp lock on any smartphone in case you forgot google sign-in details. Smartphone deliver good performance and affordability to most smartphone users and when you hard reset your phone and forgot your gmail account details then it becomes difficult to use your device. Nowadays smartphones use what we call FRP protection to secure a device after a hard reset to protect personal information stored on the phone. This ensure that only the owner of the device can sign-in and re-access the data stored on the smartphone by verifying his identity with a valid google account which was signed-in on the device.

So today I will be giving you simple steps you can use to remove frp lock on your smartphone when you completely forgot google account details you signed-in previously on the device.

First make sure that your battery is fully charged and that you have a good working WIFI HotSpot.

Follow simple steps below to unlock;

Power "ON" your phone >> Connect Wifi >> Proceed with Setup until Gmail Sign-In Form >> Tap in the "Email Field" for keyboard to pop-up >> Press & hold "@" & choose "Google Keyboard Settings >> Press "3 Dots" top right of screen >> Select " Help & Feedback" >> Press & hold any text & press "Search Icon" top right of screen >> Tap "Top of Screen" & type "Settings" >> Select "Settings" from pop-up List >> Go to "Backup & Reset" >> Factory Reset >> Reset Phone >> Erase Everything >> Phone Will Restart >> connect WIFI >> proceed with setup > Now "Skip" option will be available >> Complete initial phone setup then you are DONE.

Congratulations you successfully removed google frp lock on your android smartphone.

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