Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Easy Way To Bypass Google Account (New)

The best easy way to bypass google account  verification on android after a hard reset – Easy steps to bypass google account verification on android when you forgot google account details.

Easy Way To Bypass Google Account Verification On Android
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Easiest way to bypass google verification on your android smartphone when you total forgot gmail credentials. Android devices are smart gadgets we use every day and when you are locked out is very difficult to regain access.

Today I will be showing you how you can easily bypass google account verification on android in case you forgot your sign-in details.

First power "ON" your device and make sure you have a good WIFI.

Now press "Next" from the welcome screen >> Select your "Wifi" >> Enter "Password" to continue >> Now Tap in The "Email" text field >> Type anything in the "Text Field" >> Press and hold the "text" to highlight it >> Swipe "Up" across the keyboard to launch "Search" >> Type "Chrome" in the search bar and press "Google Chrome" from the "pop-up" menu below your search >> Do not Sign-In and Proceed >> Now Type "https://www.tzaneen-pc-tech.xyz/p/downloads.html" in the search bar >> Now look for "Google Account Manager 5,6 or 7"depending on your device "OS" >> Download and Install it immediately after download >> Go back to "Downloads" and look for "Google Account Sign-In" >> Download it, Install and "Open" it immediately >> Do not sign-in on the first screen >> Press "3 Dots" top right corner of the screen >> The press "Browser Sign-In"option >> Now Sign-In with valid google account details >> Restart your Phone >> Proceed with initial phone setup >> Now it will say "Account Added" during setup >> Complete setup screen and open your phone >> Now go to "Settings" >> About Phone >> Press "Built Number" 5 Times to enable "Development Settings" >> Go back to "Settings" and select "Developer options" >> Now look for "EOM Unlocking" and "Activate It" >> Go Back to settings >> Select "Backup & Reset" >> Factory Data Reset >> Reset >> Your phone will restart >> Proceed with initial setup >> Now your phone will not need google account >> Complete Setup then you are Done.

Congratulations You successfully bypassed google verification on android!!

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