Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Samsung Abnormal Factory Reset Bypass

How to fix Samsung abnormal factory reset bypass problems which occurs occasionally on android devices – Samsung abnormal factory reset bypass in easy simple steps.

Samsung abnormal factory reset protection
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One thing about gadgets is that you will never be certain about the outcomes of solving their problems, abnormal factory reset issues arise from time to time and is a challenging task to any technician trying to find a quick solution to the problem on hand. Samsung abnormal factory reset bypass issues are common to most high end devices which sometimes do not respond the same when you try to fix any abnormal issues.

So today I would like to focus on Samsung abnormal factory reset bypass on Samsung J700H, remember that this is a tested procedure which worked to fix the abnormal behavior on Samsung j700h as opposed to common procedures which worked on other j700h devices.

Factory reset bypass is an android security feature which force the device to require the original gmail account to reactivate your android device after a hard reset procedure. So without the original email details, is difficult to reactivate the device but methods which requires some expertise are available to overcome this problem.
When you want to bypass factory protection on Samsung devices, you will need a tool called Samsung frp tool which is used to initiate a call through a PC via USB cabling. So in case of the Samsung j700h it is supposed to initiate a call which will enable the technician to access certain options to enable him to go through with the fctory reset bypass procedure.

Now in our case the call does not go through and the require options are not available meaning that we need to find another method. So now we start the process to resolve abnormal factory reset bypass procedure to try an overcome an unusual behavior on Samsung devices.

First you will need a fully charged Samsung j700h or any high end Samsung device running android 6.0+ but this method was effective on J700h. Download Samsung frp tool and Samsung drivers for your PC, install the drivers and run the frp tool as admininstrator on your PC. Now switch ON your Samsung and connect it to a stable wifi network, make sure the sim card is inserted in your smart phone. Connect your phone to PC via USB cable and check if appears in “device manager” under “modems”, Now “Dial 900 or 112” from the frp tool on your PC and check if your phone attempt to make a call. In this case the call does not go through and don’t have the browser option we are looking for.

So this is Samsung abnormal factory reset behavior which does not happen on other same models. Now since we do not have the option we want then after the call drops then quickly choose “Messages” since the “Browser” option we are looking for won’t be available because the call does not go through. Now messaging should open then type www.google.com in the body and send……..the message will not go through since the recipient is “900”…….the www.google.com will become a “link” in that unsent message.

Now “press” that link to open the browser then in the search field….Typewww.lavileztechservice.comscroll around the web page until a “prompt” to setup chrome appears. Setup and open chrome the again type “www.lavileztechservice.com website as above”, then choose downloads from the menu.

Now “Download google account manager 6 or 7” from the list depending on your android version, open and install it… then go back to the list and download “Google account sign-in” when pop-up appears open to “install” it then when it complete it will show “Open” pop-up then press to proceed to the sign-in page.

Now on the right corner of that page Press “ Browser sign-in” then enter your gmail account details to proceed. After successful sign-in, Press the “Power button” and chose “Restart” on your Phone. Complete the initial setup and then you are done with Samsung abnormal factory reset bypass.

Now you successfully bypassed Samsung abnormal factory reset when a call can’t be initiated with the Samsung frp tool.

Congratulations, your device is now ready!

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