How To Update Vodafone Smart 4 Power 985N

How to update Vodafone Smart 4 Power 985N
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The best effective way to update Vodafone Smart 4 Power when it fails to auto update the normal way - Vodafone Smart 4 Power update in easy to follow instructions.

When you update your phone frequently ensures that your phone can run smoothly without glitches from time to time. Vodafone Smart 4 power in one of the best and affordable Android devices anyone will love to lay their hands on.

The only challenge comes nowadays when you want to update its software to the latest version of Android where you will get an error failing to update. So today I will be showing how to effectively update your Vodafone and avoid the update error.

First you should know that is sometimes the problem is not with the phone itself or even the software but the requirements of the update to be installed successfully. So one of the biggest problem on Vodafone Smart 4 power is storage space available on your smartphone.

Mostly on Vodafone Smart 4 power the problem which makes it fails is storage space especially if free space 700mb.

So today I want to share with you easy steps to overcome this problem.

Before you update your smartphone, backup everything important and reset your phone to delete everything on it. Complete the reset and setup your phone the same way you will do on your new smartphone, do not install any new app and go to settings then about phone and press system update then press update to start downloading your updated software. NB: Make sure you have at least 300mb of data on your SIM card so that it can complete the download.

Now wait until the download complete then your phone will attempt to install the update, then follow then on screen instructions to complete the update.

After complete installation, then your Vodafone Smart 4 power will be fully updated to the latest version of Android

Congratulations, your Vodafone Smart 4 power is now updated to the latest software.... Enjoy using your smartphone.

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