How To Fix Samsung S6 SM-G920F Update error

How to fix Samsung S6 SM-G920F Update Error

The best reliable way to fix Samsung S6 SM-G920F Update error after a failed system update – Fast reliable way to repair Samsung S6 update error after partial update.

Most Samsung users experience the same problem where their phones fail to boot again or phone not charging, freezing and unresponsive touch screens. So today I want to focus on Samsung S6 SM-G920F which failed to boot after an error occurred during update making it difficult to reboot the Samsung smart phone again.

There are several things which can occur during system update which can interrupt the update process then causing major problems to your Samsung phone. One of the things can be weak internet connection, no enough storage space on the device sometimes and or no enough data bundles to complete the update. Remember that is a good thing to make sure that you have enough data bundles at least 3Gig when you update Samsung device running android 6.0 and above.

Also make sure that the internal rom has enough space to keep the downloaded updates because when the update starts, is not a good entire to have anything which will interrupt it. Sometimes is not because the update was interrupted but because of some incompatibilities in the update software itself in case the update completed 100% download then after installation the device fail to boot.

Now I am going to show you how you can easily fix Samsung s6 sm-G920f boot error after system update or after an interrupted update.


The first thing you will need is a tool called Odin, Samsung S6 SM-G920F stock Rom (Updated) and Samsung drivers for your phone to communicate with your computer. If you don’t know how to install phone drivers you can check ”How To InstallUnsigned Drivers On Windows”, sometimes high end smart phones like Samsung will automatically install itself but if it fails then you will need the drivers for it to communicate easily with your PC.

Now download the stock rom or update firmware, Odin for Samsung and the drivers, then run Odin as administrator on your PC. Connect your Smart phone via USB port then it should appear on a certain communication port in Odin dashboard, then select PDA from Odin application and locate the .tar file in the extracted stock rom file.
Now Odin software will start analyzing the .tar file for integrity the and you should see a successful check on Odin then press “Start” from Odin to begin with the update.
Wait until the process completes then your phone will restart automatically and your phone will open.

What If it does not open after doing the above steps?

Don’t worry, as long as the Error is gone now switch off the phone and switch it “ON” again pressing “Power+Volume Up+ Home Key” to access the “recovery menu”. From the list choose “Factory Reset” then select “Yes” to wipe all user data on your phone. Remember that all data stored on your phone except the SD card will be permanently deleted. Reboot your phone and setup your phone the way you will do setting up a new phone because you wiped everything.

Congratulations, your Samsung S6 SM-G920F should work just fine.


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