Tuesday, May 1, 2018

How To Bypass Google Verification On Vodafone VFD100

Best effective tested method to bypass google verification on Vodafone VFD 100 when you forgot original gmail account – A ways to bypass google verification on Vodafone VFD 100 in simple steps.

Smart phone users forget email credentials all the time and when it comes to your Vodafone VFD 100 you can experience trouble setting up your phone after a hard reset. Most smart phones nowadays running android 5.0+ use frp to protect personal data in case someone stole it and when it is lost.

The problem occurs when someone hard reset the Vodafone VFD 100 instead of resetting it under settings on the smart phone. By hard resetting it then it will later require the first gmail account which was set on the phone so that you can proceed with its setup, so if you forgot or do not know the original email then it will be very difficult for you to open the phone because of frp (factory Restore Protection).
Now today I want to give you an effective way to bypass google verification on your Vodafone vfd 100 smart phone.

First make sure that your vfd 100 is fully charged and that you have a reliable and stable wifi connection because you do not want to stuck in the middle of the process because  of a weak wi-fi connection.

Now connect your wifi and proceed with setup, where it says enter gmail account just “press” the text field for the keypad to pop-up. Press and hold@ and select “Keyboard Settings”, Now choose Text correction” then “Personal Dictionary”
Now select the “English language” to proceed and press the “Search Icon” top right corner, Type “Google” then “OK” on the keypad. Now press the “Back Arrow” and type “Google Voice Typing” then “Select” it to proceed. Choose “Text to Speech Output” and press the Three Dots top right corner of the screen. Now choose “Open Source License”.

Now highlightany word and press theSearch Icon top right corner of the screen, delete the “highlighted” word in the “Search field” and type “Chrome. Now select “Chrome” to setup it but do not sign-in to chrome, in the search bar type www.google.com, now in that google web page…….Search>> "https://www.tzaneen-pc-tech.xyz/p/downloads.html" in the google search bar.

Now scroll down and download “Google Account Manager 5”. So here you choose google account manager because Vodafone vfd100 use android 5.0 but if yours use android 6.0 the you will have to download “Google Account Manage 6”. Donload and install  it immediately, now go back and download “Google Account Sign-in” then install and “Open” it immediately.

You will arrive to a gmail sign-in form and do not enter details on that form, then from the top right corner of your screen you will select “Browser Sign-in” and enter “Valid Gmail Account details”. Now ”Restart” your vfd100 and start the initial setup, connect wifi and proceed. Now you will see “Account Added” where it required gmail verification, then now you can proceed and setup your phone to complete setup. Note that you can later add another gmail account if you wish to do so.

Congratulations!! Your Vodafone vfd100 is now ready, you now successfully bypassed google verification on your phone.

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