Wednesday, December 26, 2018

How To Hard Reset Hisense U972

The best way to hard reset Hisense U972 when you forget your password or pattern - Reliable fast method to hard reset Hisense U972 smartphone in easy steps.

Hisense U972 is one of the most affordable android d
How to hard reset Hisense U972
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evice on the market currently but losing your password or pattern to unlock it can be frustrating. Most of the time we forget the kind of pattern or password we set on our devices and that can render a device useless if you can't access it.

So today I will be giving instructions on how to remove your pattern or password when you forgot it, you will be amazed how less sophisticated is the process once you familiarize yourself with it.

Usually you willgive up after you tried my all the passwords or patterns you used before, sonow there will be one more trick you can use to reset the password or pattern.As I said we are focusing on Hisense U972 which is locked with a pattern or password.

First make sure that your battery is fully charged and that all your phone buttons are working.

Now Switch Off your Hisense smartphone, Press the Volume Up button plus the Power button simultaneously and release the buttons immediately when the Hisense Logo appears. Then you will arrive to a menu usually written in Chinese language, just scroll down a bit with the volume down button then select one of the options with the Power button and wait. If Power button doesn't do anything when you press it, then press and hold Volume Up button for seconds and release button.

After that Android icon will show flashing the system, then your phone will restart automatically so that you can start with the initial phone Setup. Now you will notice that there is no password or pattern required to open your Hisense U972.

Congratulations, your Hisense U972 is now unlocked and you can set your preferred password or pattern which you can easily remember.

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Saturday, December 1, 2018

AEG Pedestal Fan Review

AEG Pedestal Fan Model: ES-1/5Z Review to help you make the right decision before you buy any AEG Fan – The best AEG Pedestal Fan review from a real user who used the ES-1/5Z pedestal Fan for two years.

AEG Pedestal Fan
Pedestal Fan
AEG pedestal fans are the most affordable middle priced, strong and useful during the hot summer season. They usually carry a one year warranty and looks well designed with three speeds so that you can set your desired cooling conditions. Even though every home gadget has its own flaws in the design and the kind of parts they use, AEG pedestal fans also have several Plastic Fatigue which can render it unusable quickly especially when they are used rapidly.

Below are pictures of the most important parts on AEG Pedestal Fans which can’t stand heat when the fan is working and render it unusable.
AEG Pedestal fan Parts
Damaged AEG fan Parts due to constant heat from Fan Motor

These plastic fatigue is based on an AEG pedestal fan used 1-2 times per week over two years and if it was used daily it would not take more than one year for the fan to stop working. The review provided here will help you as a consumer to check carefully which type of parts are used on this fans, in my view plastic parts used to tighten most of pedestal fans are the main problem and it will be a good idea to buy a fan with steel tighteners or any other strong metal which can stand heat.

But also important for companies which produce AEG pedestal fans or any other fan producer to consider using stronger parts which can withstand the heat generated by the fan because there is no use buying a fan for about R600 –R900 and it stops working within six months just because plastic parts used on the fan is too weak to stand the heat. As for myself this taught me a lesson because I spent a lot of money buying this fan but plastic fatigue was significant.

One other thing the motor will just stop when it is too hot outside and the motor will be extremely hot and change start to change sound. But the fan stand is strong and balance nicely with the floor, so if the producers fix the above mentioned problems then they will have a very good and affordable AEG pedestal fan which will sell like hot cakes during summer.

I hope this review will help you choose the right pedestal fan which last long and affordable.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Download Google Verification Bypass Tool

The best way to download google verification bypass tool in easy steps when you forgot gmail account detail – Download google verification bypass tool and unlock any android device fast.

Download google verification bypass tool
Google verification bypass tool play a critical role when you forgot your google account details to regain access to your android smartphone. Is easy to forget account details especially if you have several gmail accounts, so in case you forget the details then it will be difficult for you to access your phone again.

So today I will explain clearly how you can download google verification bypass tool so that you can regain control of your android phone.

An important thing is that every android device use its own unique method to bypass google verification and another phone method may work or may not work at all on the phone model. This security is necessary to safeguard personal information on our android devices. Imagine in case your phone get lost and end up in the wrong hands, so if it is not secured with a google account then all your private information can be compromised easily.

The only tools which are necessary to help you unlock your device may differ depending on the methods you want to deploy. A bypass tool will usually be software application like SP flash tool, Odin or Frp Hijacker depending on the make and model of your phone. Odin and Frp Hijacker are widely used on Samsung devices while SP flash tool can handle any android device by flashing it and reinstalling a new rom. All these applications can be dangerous if misused and can render your smartphone totally dead, so use them with care and you will need appropriate drivers for your PC so that your smartphone can communicate with it.

I recommend that using bypass tools be the last option to bypass google verification. The best option will be to use frp apks available on the below or the above image link to help you bypass the verification as they are safe and fast to use than with computer applications. You will need two apks to bypass google verification, which are Google Account Manager and Frp Bypass apk (Google Account Sign-In) available for Downloads here. Additional apks which may be required depending on your android device are; Menu Button apk, Rar apk, Chrome apk and useful on highly secured devices with the latest security patches. See How To Bypass Google Verification for more information on to bypass the verification process.

I hope this will help you download and select the right google verification bypass tool.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

How To Update Vodafone Smart 4 Power 985N

The best effective way to update Vodafone Smart 4 Power when it fails to auto update the normal way - Vodafone Smart 4 Power update in easy to follow instructions.

How to update Vodafone Smart 4 Power 985N
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When you update your phone frequently ensures that your phone can run smoothly without glitches from time to time. Vodafone Smart 4 power in one of the best and affordable Android devices anyone will love to lay their hands on.

The only challenge comes nowadays when you want to update its software to the latest version of Android where you will get an error failing to update. So today I will be showing how to effectively update your Vodafone and avoid the update error.

First you should know that is sometimes the problem is not with the phone itself or even the software but the requirements of the update to be installed successfully. So one of the biggest problem on Vodafone Smart 4 power is storage space available on your smartphone.

Mostly on Vodafone Smart 4 power the problem which makes it fails is storage space especially if free space 700mb.

So today I want to share with you easy steps to overcome this problem.

Before you update your smartphone, backup everything important and reset your phone to delete everything on it. Complete the reset and setup your phone the same way you will do on your new smartphone, do not install any new app and go to settings then about phone and press system update then press update to start downloading your updated software. NB: Make sure you have at least 300mb of data on your SIM card so that it can complete the download.

Now wait until the download complete then your phone will attempt to install the update, then follow then on screen instructions to complete the update.

After complete installation, then your Vodafone Smart 4 power will be fully updated to the latest version of Android

Congratulations, your Vodafone Smart 4 power is now updated to the latest software.... Enjoy using your smartphone.

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Monday, September 17, 2018

The Best Android Emulator For PC Download

Download the best Android Emulator for PC and experience android apps running on your computer – Android Emulator for PC download in easy steps, use your android applications on your PC fast with the best android emulator on the market.

The Best Android Emulator For PC Download
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Android emulators are the best tools especially when you want to experience android apps on a fast and big screen computer. Even though there are few android emulators to choose from, there will always be the best and the worst emulator among them. 

So today I will be sharing my experience on the best emulator that I used and tested myself which works perfect without causing any glitches on your PC. One of the most important thing when it comes to using an emulator on your PC is make sure you have better performing computer since it plays a big role.

Low ram or processor speeds can slow down your PC when running an emulator, a lighter emulator not too heavy to drain your computer resources can result in a good performing PC with less lags running an emulator software.

So without going any further, Bluestacks is far the best android emulator for PC I ever used and as compared to other emulators it gives better results. You might have used a different emulator before and comparing it with bluestacks will clearly determine that you need to change fast. Is a good thing to use an emulator to experience android on PC as it gives you the comfort and the speeds you have be looking for other than on android devices.

You can easily install all your favorite android apps like games on your PC using bluestacks emulator, no additional software required other than your android emulator to run your apps on PC. At times, some apps may fail to install on your emulator then it is better to keep your emulator updated to the latest version to avoid parsing errors. Backup all your apps tor SD card and import it in your emulator so that you can install them, installing android apps on PC is very useful especially if you want to save data usages when browsing the internet as you will be using android browser but on your PC.

That will be cheaper as compared to using the browser installed on your windows or Mac PC.

Enjoy using the best android emulator for PC and explore android on windows or Mac. Feel free to subscribe to receive important updates as they occur.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Fast Method To Download Whatsapp For Mobile and PC

Easily Download Whatsapp for Mobile and Pc free to start chatting with your friend and family worldwide – Download Whatsapp apk for Android, Windows or Mac and experience the best features for chat.

Almost everyone nowadays is using whatsapp for chat or video calling and the best way to download whatsapp for mobile and PC is through our blog. We compiled a list of useful tools so that you can have full control of all necessary links to download whatsapp apk for your mobile or PC free.
Whatsapp Web Sync

Note that whatsapp is free to download and use but here we are also going to share the most useful whatsapp apks usually needed when you have problems downloading it from the play store. Since mobile phones have different problems then it occurs where whatsapp fail to download or even get installed on some android devices. The play store and developer site is always the quickest and safe way to download updated applications, we recommend any user to use play store or app developer site provided on the links below if you have trouble downloading whatsapp from play store.

The reason is most apps downloaded anywhere else other than the play store may contain viruses or malware hidden in it, so carefully check where you get your app if is not the play store. Even though apps in the play store can be infected but sooner or later it will be removed before it causes more damage.

So without wasting any time, below is your links to download free Whatsapp for Mobile and PC;

First let us start with Whatsapp Mobile as most users want this app very much on their devices, it will be useful for you if you have trouble downloading it from Play Store. Download Whatsapp apk for Mobile Now, after download….install and configure it with your cellphone number to continue using watsapp.

Now that we gave you links to download whatsapp for android, let us dive into Whatsapp for PC or Windows because some user will prefer to use it on their big screen PC so that they can do real time face to face video chat with their friends. You can easily download whatsapp for PC fast and start chatting instantly without hassle. After download, install it and sync it with your mobile whatsapp then you are good to go.

Enjoy chatting with your friends and family with the best chatting app in the world.

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Sunday, September 2, 2018

How To Bypass Google Verification On Android

The best practices to bypass google verification on most android smartphones after a hard reset - Proven reliable ways to bypass google verification on android devices.

It can be any android smartphones running android 5.0 and above and when you hard reset it then you have to bypass Google verification to regain control of your phone again.

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Every android smartphone uses its own procedure to bypass Google verification but some may use the same method depending on the series models. Developers are always working hard to update security when it comes to this issue and can sometimes look nearly impossible to bypass the security patches.

Monday, August 13, 2018

How To Bypass Google Verification On Mobicel Shift

Easy simple steps to bypass google verification on Mobicel Shift when you forgot your gmail account details or after hard reset – Reliable way to bypass frp on Mobicel Shift when you forgot google account information.

How to bypass google verification on Mobicel Shift
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Mobicel Shift is one of the best Mobicel android smartphone which is powerful and affordable, problems always arise when you hard reset your phone while you do not know the original google account which was set. Sometimes you are forced to reset your smartphone and when problems start you cannot access it again without hard resetting it.

Then today I’m going to show you simple steps which will help you regain access to your Mobicel Shift smartphone device running android 6.0.

Monday, August 6, 2018

How To Bypass Google Verification On Vodafone vfd 200

Fast reliable method to bypass google verification on Vodafone vfd 200 in case you forgot your gmail account details – Proven way to bypass google verification on Vodafone vfd 200 after a hard reset.

How to bypass google verification on Vodafone VFD200
Vodafone vfd 200 is one of the smallest but powerful android devices in the smartphone market nowadays. As more and more customers struggle to remember their gmail account details, is sometimes difficult regain access to your vfd 200 smartphone after you hard reset it. Because the smartphones using android version 5+ uses what we call FRP (Factory Restore Protection) which makes it close to impossible to gain access to a smartphone if you do not know the first gmail account details which were used on the device.

Friday, August 3, 2018

How To Bypass Google Verification On Mint M3CR

Tested method to bypass google verification on Mint M3CR when you forgot google account details – Fast reliable method to bypass google verification on Mint M3CR when you lost password or google account details.

How to bypass google verification on Mint M3CR
Mint M3CR android device is one of android’s affordable device but not that popular and when you forgot google account details is nearly impossible to regain access. Android devices running version 5.0+ has a feature called FRP which lockdown your smartphone in case someone hard reset it. It require this details when you want to set it up and if you do not remember them or you are not its owner then you will be locked until you provide initial Gmail details which was used the first time.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

How To Bypass Google Verification On Mobicel Pure Mini

The best way to bypass Google verification on Mobicel Pure Mini when you forget Gmail account details - Fast reliable way to bypass Gmail account verification on your Mobicel Pure Mini Android device.

How to bypass google verification on mobicel pure mini
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Mobicel Pure Mini is one of the most affordable android devices currently in the market and hard resetting it while you don't know your Gmail account details in heart can be difficult to reactivate the device. So today I will be discussing how you can easily and safely bypass Google verification on Mobicel Pure Mini I'd forgot Gmail account details.

How To Bypass Google Verification On Mobiwire Halona

Proven reliable method to bypass google verification on Mobiwire Halona when you lost previous google account details – Mobiwire Halona google verification bypass the easy way after a hard reset procedure. 

Mobiwire Halona is one of android affordable smartphone in the market and unlike other devices it is quite rare. When you hard reset it but forgot google account details, it can be a frustrating task to regain access to Halona phone.

How To Bypass Google Verification On LG-K100e

The best tested method to bypass google verification on LG-K100E when you forgot your gmail Account details - LG-K100E Google verification bypass in easy steps.

How to bypass google verification on LG-K100e
Being locked out of your own device is not nice, LG-K100E is one of the best android devices most of us use and when it is locked then it becomes a nightmare. There is no easy way of working around security problems on android devices but with some expertise, we are going to help you regain access to your LG-K100E.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Parental Control On Android

The best parental control guide to protect teenagers from accessing mature digital media content from android smartphones, TV, Social media and Online – Parental Control on Android phones to restrict teenagers from viewing explicit mature content through multimedia devices.

Parental Control on android, TV and Internet
Protect Your Kids From Harmful Media Content!
 Is a good thing that we have all the technology money can buy nowadays but the way in which this technology is used is sometimes is inappropriate with negative effects to the future of our children's. Every parent wish to raise a well mannered child with good morals so that one day he or she can become a good parent too. But how do you raise a good child in this current environment where our kids are exposed from various risks and explicit media content distributed through smart phones TV, Online and public places.

In the past weeks, I have been watching a long series which is reputable and very popular on TV across south Africa. Everyone loves this series and even kids and teenagers loves it very much so that you can't stop them when is time to watch it. The concern now is that it becomes too explicit like an adult TV series and children are watching this. The problem is how this affect our children in their minds and how they will conduct themselves after watching this type of TV media. Is not only on TV but online and on mobile devices exchanging sexual or explicit media of adult nature. When it comes to technology, trying to control this kind of issues sometimes needs extra expertise to fine tune and take corrective measures to keep your children safe at all times.

Is too close to impossible to control access to explicit content by our kids but we can at least try to reduce the outbreak with all available tools we can use. Is a sophisticated task though but as much as it burns me inside it should burn you too if you are good parent who want to raise all your kids in a humble way. You don't want to see your kid pregnant at 10 years right? and sure don't want to hear that your 12 year old son impregnated a ten years teenager. Is a reality and if we don't take a stand now our children's have no future, but is this the future that you would want for your children's? the answer would be an absolute "NO". Today I put a thought with all that I know in terms of technology to identify tools, mechanisms and tricks which parents can use and adopt to safeguard their children so that they can grow in suitable environment without inappropriate media content brought by technology in our homes. 

Below I'm going to list of the most crucial items or topics we should highly focus on;

 1. Smartphone (Looking at Internet, Bluetooth, Camera, SD card and Settings)
 2. TV and Parental Control settings
 3. Immoral Teenage Friends

 So now we have a clear picture of what our obstacles look like then I'll start picking one by one and explaining then negative influence and solutions to each of them. Even though not all the problems you will be facing as a parent won't be solved at once, this is a collective community work as single parent can't achieve this doing it alone but can only make it better on his or her children's. Remember that the time you start implementing these restrictions you will be your children's worse enemy because what you don't want your kids to watch is exactly what they want see. This is one the most fascinating and challenging thing about raising children and teenagers, so is whether you put their safety first or their interests first but is choice and a life changing one. Is a difficult choice indeed but it has to made to safeguard your own kids from harmful media content.

1.     Smartphone Access Restriction and Wireless Sharing

This is the most difficult device to control as it is more sophisticated and capable accessing anything worldwide. Giving a teenager this kind of device is like giving away access keys to your safe because as long as you have the key to the safe you can take whatever inside it. Is why they call it a smartphone popular and operating on android platform, easy to download thousands of media with fast speeds, with removable storage devices, easy sharing with Bluetooth and WiFi.

Let see your options when it come to this;

1. For teenagers make sure you buy them kids android smartphones typically a Nintendo Smart device (Usually without Bluetooth or SD card)
2. Register a sim card with the exact I'd of teenagers
3. Download and install an Anti-theft software like AVG, AVAST - This software will enable you as a parent to have more control of your teenager's device.
4. Download, install lockdown and configure it yourself with own password. This app restrict teenager from installing any app or changing administrative settings without supervision.
5. Activate Parental control on the sim card and set it to "Child " so that whenever your children go to the internet no adult or harmful content will be shown or downloaded in the web browser.
6. Make sure you have administrator access control of your teenager's device "Meaning" he or she can't change anything like password or settings without your lockdown password" However " Internet accessed via a public wife can't be monitored and teenagers can download anything they want", is a pity but you can conduct frequent scrutiny of your children's devices to diagnose any unwanted and harmful content.

Also share-it files can't be blocked without special software but you can set a password which will required every time another device try to share something with the phone and as a parent be the administrator of that password so that you can authenticate every file shared with your child, or remove share it on device and turn "ON" your lockdown software to restrict software installation without authorization. So if you need something which can help you regarding WiFi restriction contact me through the contact form.
NB: Is advisable to purchase Android devices dedicated for kid's, highly "without Bluetooth or SD card storage" if possible.

2. TV and Parental Controls

Is a funny thing how we choose not to use appropriate settings provided on our TV’s. Most TV's have these settings to restrict access to certain channels which are not suitable children's, so as a parent you can do so and secure these settings with a password so that no teenager can change the settings. Even though some channels don't entirety show adult content all the time, you can supervise your kids when watching because some channels are favorites to these kids. So you rather let them watch in your presence and switch channels as appropriate and fit.

So your options will be;

1. Restrict Certain channels and assign a password to the channels
2. Supervise Teenagers when watching favorite channels which sometimes play explicit media.
3. Work hand in hand with your neighbors or close relatives to enforce the same rules. Remember this is a joined struggle to safeguard our kids, don't play hero and try to do it alone because you won't win)
4.Take advantage of DSTV control settings to personalize suitable channels only for kids and teenagers so that they can watch in your absence.

3. Immoral Teenage Friends of Your Kids

Is considered ignorant if you don't care what kind of kids are your children's friends because if they befriend misbehaving teenagers with immoral values then soon you have problems with your kids. Is not a bad thing to scrutinize your children's friends and their background so that you can know if whether they are from well parented family or not. Keeping away your teenagers from rogue teenagers will the greatest thing you have done for your kids. Is a difficult choice but you and your kids have to live with it for a greater good. I hope all the information I provided will help you groom your children's to the right direction and protect them against technological consequences which may later impact negatively on their future.
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Friday, May 25, 2018

How To Extend Hp Laptop Battery Life

The best effective way to extend Hp laptop battery life but still get the maximum performance – Best tips to fix and avoid Hp battery not charging issues.

How to extend Hp laptop Battery Lifespan
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Advance computer users usually requires fast processing laptops as they need fast results and nothing should delay their work process. A Laptop battery has a lifespan and excessive utilization and frequent recharge of the battery quickly shorten its lifespan.

When you have no electricity at some point then you will need to use battery power instead of your electricity and a stronger battery is required to deliver the same performance it should running on electric power. Selective power modes are available on windows ranging from low, balanced to high performance. To achieve the maximum performance, obviously high performance can be selected to get top performance of your laptop.

Today I would like to focus on how an optimizer software can reduce your laptop battery lifespan if not configured nicely. There are several optimizer software you can use to achieve maximum performance instead of default windows power modes. Let focus on iobit advanced system care as one of the best performance improvement software. On this piece of Software we are going to specifically focus on the Game Mode available in the software and demonstrate the impact of using this mode while operating on battery.

This is a real tested method which indicates rapid battery drain when activated. This mode can give the best speed on your laptop especially when using low ram PC’s of Celeron based processors or any equal to less processor.

For an optimizing software to boost your laptop performance, certain processes need to be stopped to free system resources. Any attempt to increase performance on a laptop will result in high battery usage no matter which software or configuration you use. In this case I am talking about a laptop which was bought in 2015 around may then the battery died April 2018, is almost two years.

Let see how frequent the laptop operated on battery;

The laptop operates on battery less than three (3) times in any week and not more than five (5) hours per use. One other thing an optimization software was used from 2017 always in game “mode”. I am providing this information to show you exactly how the power mode you choose can affect your laptop battery negatively. In my view, I was expecting my battery to last for at least the next three years but it did not even though I do not use my PC on battery most of the times.

But one thing which troubles me is that in my laptop power options, it was set to go to power saver automatically at 95% of battery power and still my battery did not last. So now I wonder if is a factory problem on the battery or is the software I used to optimize my laptop because everything was running smoothly until the next morning the battery does not charge and stays at 70% only. Suddenly after some few reboots, system say battery is empty and need to be replaced.

So it may be confusing sometimes to diagnose the real cause of HP battery short lifespan. If is not a factory problem, then changing how we use our laptops with battery should change.

Three things you should not do with your laptop battery;

Ø Removing the battery frequently
Ø Always plugged in with electric power 
Ø Using your laptop with electric power 90% of the time while battery is healthy & working

Tips to extend your laptop battery lifespan

Ø Operate your laptop on battery 90% of the time and recharge it normally the way you do with cellphones.
Ø Is better to use system built power modes specifically “Balanced”

I hope the article will help you extend the lifespan of your HP laptop batteries.