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How To Hard Reset Prestigo Multipad Ultra Plus

The best way to hard reset Prestigio Multipad 7.0 Ultra Plus PMP3670B – How to hard reset Prestigio Multipad Ultra Plus when you forgot password.

Hard reset prestigio multipad ultra plus
Smart tablets play an important roles in our lives nowadays but when you forgot your password you can no longer have access to your Prestigio Multipad Ultra plus. One hard thing with Prestigio tablets without sim cards is that when locked you can’t connect to wifi or to your PC.

I tried hard to get a solution for this as many Prestigio users may be experiencing this kind of problem when locked out of their Prestigio Multipad tablet. Even though prestigio tablets which take sim cards are not that much difficult to hard reset, but wifi only tablet makes it nearly impossible to hard reset.
So today I will be explaining how you can hard reset your Prestigio multipad ultra plus tablet when you forgot password or pattern to unlock.

Any smartphone has its own recovery options where on some devices a combination of buttons can take you to the recovery menu but is not the case with Prestigio ultra plus or if there is, then is nearly impossible to arrive at such menu. Fortunately there is an alternative which we can use to regain access and reset Prestigio multipad ultra plus tablet.


First we need four(4) important tools which will make the job easier, namely – 1. Original firmware for Prestigio multipad ultra plus white, 2. A tool called Phoenix card tool, 3. Empty SD card approximately 2gigs plus will do fine and your PC. Note if you get the wrong original firmware, the hard reset procedure will not work. So is important to get the right firmware for that specific model you want to flush. If you don’t, things like touch screen may not work even if you managed to flush the tablet.

So now that you downloaded all the required tools, now insert your “sd card” into your PC, then open “Phoenix card tool” software….then select your sd card and “click browse image” to locate the original firmware you downloaded……then click “Burn” from within the phoenix card tool to start the burning process. Wait until the process complete and remove your micro sd card from your computer.

Then now switch OFF your tablet and “insert sd card”…..the power the tablet back “ON” then the loading “Bar” should appear and wait until it says “SD card OK” then the tablet will beep during the process….then immediately remove the SD card and try to power “ON” the tablet.
Now you are done resetting your Prestigio Multipad Ultra plus tablet…wait for the initial setup and configure everything then your tablet is working again.

Congratulations, your Prestigio Multipad Ultra Plus White is now ready.....Enjoy!!!

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How to Protect Your Privacy On The Internet

Best ways to protect your privacy on the internet using facebook, twitter and dealing with sensitive information online - Protect personal data from leaking to the wrong hands buying or banking online.

Online privacy
Is funny how internet users become careless leaving personal information exposed online were any cyber criminal can lay his hands on it. Internet users from various online platforms like Facebook, twitter, Instagram and others social platforms expose a lot of personal data which can be used against them in a very bad way. For instance now if I want any 100 cell numbers today on Facebook I can pull it off, but can you imagine how many ways a cyber criminal can use this information?

If you knew you would not put any private information exposed online, there are so many ways a cyber criminal can use your cell number, name, email or address to carry out a very sophisticated attack and ruin you. As a user you should take advantage of all the privacy features facebook , twitter or any other platform offers because once your personal information falls in a criminal's hands bad things can happen starting with your finances.

What you should be afraid of is that cyber crime is difficult to investigate and reporting the matter to the police once you have been attacked will be a waste of time as cyber criminals are intelligent enough to protect their identity. You better be safe than safe.

So now I will guide you on how to safeguard yourself and protect your private data from leaking to the wrong hands online. I will give examples looking at Facebook platform, Facebook security is improving on an ongoing basis but still cyber criminals will always find new ways to get around such security. Privacy settings of Facebook are very important when it comes to this problem, the most important data to protect online will be; cell number, email, date of birth, address and privacy settings for this data should be set to " Only me".

Even though you can say my friends should be able to see my date of birth and so then don't worry cause they will know when is your birthday even if they can't see your birth dates. The problem is that not everyone of your Facebook friend is a real friend, he/she might be a cyber stalker or any cyber criminal with criminal mindset then make no mistakes when it comes to this. Also enable your two step authentication to prevent criminal's from logging into your account on unrecognised devices.

Always logout of your account online when using browsers and make your password at least 8 characters alpha numeric water tight password to make it difficult for a cyber criminal to crack your code. In addition if you log into your Facebook or any other account using a web browser, always prefer browsers with an " incognito mode" so that you can hide yourself from preying cyber criminals.

I hope this article will help protect your personal data when using internet and facebook

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How To Install Two Operating Systems In One PC

Tips on how to install two operating system on one computer - The best easy ways to run two operating system on one computer.


How To Install Two Operating Systems In One PC

Working with computers sometimes makes you feel like you need more than a single operating system. Having experience using computers will make you realize that you are not bound to one operating system especially if you feel like something you did with the previous operating system is not possible or easy with the current one. Then you will think of going back to your previous operating system but you also can't let go of the current and latest version of your operating system and you have one PC. So it will be a good idea to run both versions of your operating systems on the same PC because you need them both as some features are slightly different.

Today I'll be clearly explaining you how you can install and run both operating systems on one PC. Since you are already using one operating system on your PC, now you need the other version of operating system you want to run on your PC. You will also need the activation key for your OS, then burn your OS to a disk if it is not in a disk already or create a Bootable USB drive which can be used to install your OS. Then create a partition on your hard drive +/-50Gig will be just fine if you have enough space and 30gig will also do.

Now that everything is place, restart your PC and go to the BIOS settings.... Then enable legacy support and choose to boot from USB or disk. Make sure you inserted the disk or Bootable USB before going to BIOS, then when done in the BIOS save everything to continue. Now the PC will detect either your disk or USB disk inserted automatically and start the installation process.

Check every and apply each setting accurately clicking next....then enter your activation as appropriate until a screen which says "repair or upgrade and "Custom installation or advance"...then you will select custom or advanced then Now choose the disk partition that you created earlier on the list of drives available on your PC....after selection click next then the installation will start....wait until installation completes then your computer will restart as necessary.... Then you are done your PC is now running two windows versions. When it start ,it will give you option to choose which operating system to boot then just choose the one you want to boot at that time then you are good to go...👍

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How To Fix Windows Startup Error

Best guide to fix windows startup error when your Pc fail to start startup - The best ways to fix windows startup error on windows 7, 8 & 10.

How to fix windows startup problems
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Is a headache to come across a Pc which fails to boot especially if just used it minutes ago. This problem is common mostly on windows 8 and 10 operating system computers but it happens with other operating systems but mostly with windows 10. The simple things in computers cause the biggest problems and probably loss of data, most of us end up paying thousands of rands because of not taking care or ignorance sometimes. A pc is designed in a way that if there are problems most of the time it will alert you but we just ignore the warnings until is late.

Viruses can destroy most important boot files of your pc and that will make it fail to boot at some point. There also some malware fighting softwares which can mistaken an important system file and treat it as malware and remove it. I once experienced it too years ago while i was naive about pc's. Working with advanced malware fighting softwares needs he ability to recognise a false positive malware detections and to execute the right action or you will destroy your pc by mistakenly removing important system files.

Now i will get into the real point of trying to claim back a Pc which fails to boot because of errors. The most important thing which most pc users overlook is a "Restore Point", this is very very important for any Pc user. A Restore point can easily restore back your system to sate where it was before the error occured. This is important....You need to enable "system protection" under system in your control panel and turn "ON" system protection on all your drives especially C:. Create a restore point manually especially on windows 10 as it does not do it automatically for you.

So the next time your pc fails to boot you will be able to restore back your pc with advanced startup options.

What if there was no restore point?.....You still have an option...Just restart your Pc then go to your Bios and enable "Legacy Support" then save settings and the system will restart then it will repair the boot problem during the restart.

Now you are done....You got your Pc and files back and take care of your Pc.

Android Hard Reset No Command

Best android hard reset no command in easy to follow instructions when you forgot your pattern or password - Simple android hard reset tips to remove pattern and password when locked out of your android smartphone.

Android Hard Reset No Command
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Is an unfortunate thing which happens every time while using our smart phones and not knowing any android hard reset trick can block you access to your own device. It can be easy to forget your pattern or password if you frequently change them and losing one of these access keys can lead to loss of data and inability to access your device.

So today I will be giving you the easy steps you can take so that you can regain access to your device again. Even though when using android hard reset causes loss of data, I will start with the first option which is secure. The first important thing with android devices is that as long as you can remember your gmail account and password you can regain access to your device without any loss of data.
Unfortunately with android hard reset data loss is unavoidable unless all your data is stored on your SD card. When smart phone is locked, you will not be able to do anything else other than emergency calls. You may receive calls but you will not get in your android smart phone without your pattern or password.

So now the only options you have will be to use software tools to recover your device, but now I will be showing you how you will use your phone’s power, volume and home buttons to access the recovery menu of your smart phone.

Note that all android devices can access their recovery menu with a combination of buttons which is different from each device. So the most common combination of keys on android devices to access the recovery menu to wipe your device is; “First restart device, press power and volume down buttons simultaneously, then release buttons when your phone logo appears. Then the recovery menu will appear, scroll to “factory format or wipe data options” using volume buttons and use the power button to select options. Confirm wipe or format, for some few seconds wiping will complete then you can restart your device.

Now your device will start the initial setup like is brand new, set up everything then you are able to use your device again. Remember that the combination of buttons are not the same on all devices, some after restart you will press ‘power and volume+ simultaneously and release buttons when phone logo appears. On some devices will be “power + volume down + home key simultaneously and release buttons when the logo appears while on other devices you will need to press “volume up + power simultaneously and release buttons when logo appears.

All in all the best method is to know your gmail account and password to regain access to your locked phone without data loss if u forgot your password or pattern.

I hope this article will help you regain access to your locked smart phone in case you forgot your password.