Sunday, September 17, 2017

Windows Clean Install Without CD

The best way to clean install windows without disk and tips to help you reinstall Microsoft windows like a pro - Easy steps to clean install windows XP, 7, 8 and 10.

Windows Clean Install Without CD
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Windows clean install is a good thing when you need a refreshed PC which also boost performance. Upgrading a computer from one operating system to another can sometimes slow down your PC and also use more space on your hard drive by installing additional upgrade files. So now I am going to show you how you can avoid this problem by reinstalling your PC like it was brand new. On some operating system like windows XP, 7 and 8 you may need some specialized software to arrange your restore points and other necessary configurations but most of this are done automatically during installation. Then on windows 10 is better because the operating system itself is clever enough to create those recovery drives automatically.

 Now our first steps is to backup the all of your data on your PC because everything will be removed during installation. Then you will need a small piece of software called “produkey”, this software will help you retrieve a copy of your original windows and bios keys which came with your PC from the factory. This is required because you will need this activation keys to complete your installation, then save those keys using notepad and save them in an external storage such as memory stick or write it down on a safe place. So now that we have our keys, the next step will be to prepare a copy of the operating system which we want to install. We can do this by burning a copy of the operating system to a writable disk or memory stick.

Now insert that device”USB or Disk” and run the setup file from it, select option as appropriate on language and or region so on…..then then it will ask you what you want do (Upgrade or Repair)…then ignore the two and choose “custom installation”.
 Now it will display a list of available disk drives available on your system, Then remember that we want to install it clean not to install on top of previous windows files. So now we must open CMD-(Command Prompt) or press shift+F10 to open cmd so that we can clean all our drives…meaning deleting everything on the hard disk including…Data, partitions and or recovery drives available on “C” drive. So for us to that, within the “cmd” we must type “Diskpart” this enables us to have eyes on the entire disk and all its volumes. Then again type “list disk”….Then type again “select disk” and type “Clean” then Enter”, remember to press “”Enter”” after each command you enter. It will show that “Drive successfully cleaned”…then type” Convert MBR/GPT” …use one of those(MBR or GPT) but preferable MBR because GPT works fine with windows 10 installation.

We proceed, now we must know size of disk we want to create and enter values as appropriate as possible. Then type..”Create partition primary size=?”…just replace the question mark with the amount of space you want to create or you can select to use the whole drive as primary and then create partitions later. So now we must set the drive accordingly by entering the following command…”Format FS NTFS Label ”System” then press Enter……Then you are done cleaning and formatting your drive. Now go back to your installation window and “Refresh” that window then you will see the new drive…..So select that drive and continue with installation….Enter activation key where required the complete all installation steps then you are done with you clean installation.

I hope you found this article helpful and interesting…Check out my website for more info or questions regarding this topic.