23 August 2017

How To Reduce Data Usage On Android OS

Best easy ways to reduce data usage on android OS – Get the best toolkit and configurations and reduce data usage on your android smartphone with up to 80% on worldwide networks.

Everyone is complaining about high data costs worldwide especially here in South Africa, today I want to help you with advice and tools which will enable you to save up to 80% in data charges on your android phone. 
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We are going to focus more on android devices as they are more popular while all the tests to ensure low data charges are done on this devices. There no easy way to say this but data is very expensive and a requirement to most of our daily activities whether at home or at workplace.

My entire life from my first smart phone I tried to find ways in which I can save data on my smart phone without luck but without success. I never gave up and kept myself busy with research and testing several tools and configurations to figure out a way in which data costs can be reduced while not disturbing important functions of my smart phone from working. Normal ways of trying to reduce data costs on android devices works sometimes but a lot of services will be interrupted of you were to apply those configurations on your device. So now what we should be looking for is a way to reduce data costs while getting necessary services on our android phones like emails, news updates and weather automatically.

What i am trying to say is “By applying normal data saving configurations which are built in on your android phone stop important services to run smoothly”, so we need something which save data while everything runs smoothly. Is why I prepared a small tool and configuration guide which will enable you as an android smart phone user to set your device in a way that you can cut data costs while important services runs smoothly.

Let see at a list of services which are affected by normal ways of saving data;

1.       Email
2.       Updates (Software, News, Weather, System updates and Sync)
3.       Automatic Backup
4.       Bookmark sync
5.       Google services ( Keep, drive, Contacts, gmail, calendar, Maps, Play)
6.       Messaging Apps ( Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp & Other)

All the above listed services doesn’t work well after applying normal ways of saving data available under settings of your device, meaning disabling “ Background Data”.
So as you can see all the above services are essential to you and how effective your device will work, now you can see that you need all those services running and functioning well to be up to date with information in real time.

So i found a tool which can help you get all those services but with minimum data charges. All steps and configurations are included in the toolkit so that you can nicely fine tune your device to use minimum data costs when using normal services.

Feel free to download the ToolKit and cut data costs on your android phone.