Thursday, November 23, 2017

How To Recover Formatted Hard Drive

Best way to recover formatted hard drive on windows  - Proven ans successful ways to recover damaged partitions and accidentally deleted files fast.

How to recover formatted partitions
Recover Your Drive
Losing data is a painful experience which can make you lose the most important information you took years to collect. Having ways to recover damaged partitions and protect your information on your PC is crucial to any PC user. As accidents happens, sometimes you lose information before you make any contingency plans.

Knowing how you can easily recover your partitions and data will become more important when you realise that you lost everything. So today I'll give you important tips on how you can successfully recover and protect your partitions. The most important things in computer world is to have all the necessary capable softwares to achieve the task. In our case now we shall choose what we call " Minitool Partition wizard " , this will be the most important tool to archive the recovery task. You will also need to have a licence for this because the free version won't do you any good.

The you must run the software on the same system you want to recover your partitions from......then choose "Damaged partition recovery" and select the drive where your partitions were created then start the scan. Remember the scan can take up to three hours depending on your system, then after the scan complete a list of recovered partitions will be displayed and you will have the opportunity to select the one you want and even choose individual files or folders within it and save them to your PC. NB: Not all files can be totally recovered sometimes but at least you will be able to recover most of your files.

More importantly you may not recover 100% of your data but most of it or the whole of it if you are lucky. I hope this article will help you recover your files.

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