Monday, November 27, 2017

How To Fix Windows Startup Error

Best guide to fix windows startup error when your Pc fail to start startup - The best ways to fix windows startup error on windows 7, 8 & 10.

How to fix windows startup problems
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Is a headache to come across a Pc which fails to boot especially if just used it minutes ago. This problem is common mostly on windows 8 and 10 operating system computers but it happens with other operating systems but mostly with windows 10. The simple things in computers cause the biggest problems and probably loss of data, most of us end up paying thousands of rands because of not taking care or ignorance sometimes. A pc is designed in a way that if there are problems most of the time it will alert you but we just ignore the warnings until is late.

Viruses can destroy most important boot files of your pc and that will make it fail to boot at some point. There also some malware fighting softwares which can mistaken an important system file and treat it as malware and remove it. I once experienced it too years ago while i was naive about pc's. Working with advanced malware fighting softwares needs he ability to recognise a false positive malware detections and to execute the right action or you will destroy your pc by mistakenly removing important system files.

Now i will get into the real point of trying to claim back a Pc which fails to boot because of errors. The most important thing which most pc users overlook is a "Restore Point", this is very very important for any Pc user. A Restore point can easily restore back your system to sate where it was before the error occured. This is important....You need to enable "system protection" under system in your control panel and turn "ON" system protection on all your drives especially C:. Create a restore point manually especially on windows 10 as it does not do it automatically for you.

So the next time your pc fails to boot you will be able to restore back your pc with advanced startup options.

What if there was no restore point?.....You still have an option...Just restart your Pc then go to your Bios and enable "Legacy Support" then save settings and the system will restart then it will repair the boot problem during the restart.

Now you are done....You got your Pc and files back and take care of your Pc.


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