Monday, November 27, 2017

Android Hard Reset No Command

Best android hard reset no command in easy to follow instructions when you forgot your pattern or password - Simple android hard reset tips to remove pattern and password when locked out of your android smartphone.

Android Hard Reset No Command
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Is an unfortunate thing which happens every time while using our smart phones and not knowing any android hard reset trick can block you access to your own device. It can be easy to forget your pattern or password if you frequently change them and losing one of these access keys can lead to loss of data and inability to access your device.

So today I will be giving you the easy steps you can take so that you can regain access to your device again. Even though when using android hard reset causes loss of data, I will start with the first option which is secure. The first important thing with android devices is that as long as you can remember your gmail account and password you can regain access to your device without any loss of data.
Unfortunately with android hard reset data loss is unavoidable unless all your data is stored on your SD card. When smart phone is locked, you will not be able to do anything else other than emergency calls. You may receive calls but you will not get in your android smart phone without your pattern or password.

So now the only options you have will be to use software tools to recover your device, but now I will be showing you how you will use your phone’s power, volume and home buttons to access the recovery menu of your smart phone.

Note that all android devices can access their recovery menu with a combination of buttons which is different from each device. So the most common combination of keys on android devices to access the recovery menu to wipe your device is; “First restart device, press power and volume down buttons simultaneously, then release buttons when your phone logo appears. Then the recovery menu will appear, scroll to “factory format or wipe data options” using volume buttons and use the power button to select options. Confirm wipe or format, for some few seconds wiping will complete then you can restart your device.

Now your device will start the initial setup like is brand new, set up everything then you are able to use your device again. Remember that the combination of buttons are not the same on all devices, some after restart you will press ‘power and volume+ simultaneously and release buttons when phone logo appears. On some devices will be “power + volume down + home key simultaneously and release buttons when the logo appears while on other devices you will need to press “volume up + power simultaneously and release buttons when logo appears.

All in all the best method is to know your gmail account and password to regain access to your locked phone without data loss if u forgot your password or pattern.

I hope this article will help you regain access to your locked smart phone in case you forgot your password.


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